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Mary Has Something to Offer Fluffy Too

Introducing the CBD Gel Pen for Pets by Mary’s Nutritionals Written by Ashley Priest When it comes to the herb, Mary Jane has long been a friend of many and there are more consumption methods available today than ever before. One of the leading companies of alternative medical cannabis consumption techniques is none other than […]


Decadently Delightful

Decadently Delightful Functional Confectionary Art By Cannabis Chef Rebekah Johnson       In time for Valentine’s Day this year, a sweet treat hits the market for the cannabis consumer who’s not only a connoisseur of the fine herb but also loves chocolate. Most people have an insatiable love for this delectable decadence of confectionery […]


Emerald Fields: The Emerald of Manitou Springs, Colorado

Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs, Colorado is one of only two dispensaries that serve the Colorado Springs area on a recreational or retail level. The experience you get when you visit Emerald Fields is one that can only be described as a boutique cannabis experience. You don’t get the feeling that you’re in a doctor’s […]

David Downs Cannabis

Covering Cannabis with Awarding Winning Journalist David Downs

“Academia and the media have come to embrace this newly formed landscape — Forbes, the Washington Times, the Economist, and VICE are among the many publications that regularly feature cannabis content.” As the cannabis industry continues to flourish and build bridges between industries, the topic is becoming more relevant across fields including business, technology, medicine, […]

Cannabis Activism

The Medical Patients’ Voices Must Be Represented In Cannabis Legalization

  A review of recent headlines pertaining to cannabis legalization in a number of states, and even within some of the biggest national cannabis advocacy groups, reveals an emphasis on huge financial gain. There is a conspicuous absence: the voice of medical patients within the cannabis community are missing or underrepresented. Recent coverage highlights the […]

Herbs The Word

“The people who enjoy pot and make the cannabis culture so diverse come from all walks of life and bring many things to the table.”  There are all kinds of people on pot these days. Thanks to legalization efforts, the herb is revealing inspirational people to the world. People from all over are united together […]

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Cultivating Awareness

Our environment is as delicate as our economy. The main difference is without the environment there will be no economy. Cannabis in general can help to repair both of these delicate aspects of life. We just have to change our ways.   There are a variety of different ways to grow cannabis. Breeders and growers […]


The 2016 Women Grow Leadership Summit

This February, more than 1,000 women and 65 experts in the cannabis industry gathered in the brisk and progressive city of Denver for the 2016 Women Grow Leadership Summit. The highly organized, inspirational event spanned three days and featured networking opportunities, workshops and a bevy of short talks on research, best practices and cutting-edge concepts. […]

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The Green Rush

Do ya smell that? No, I’m not talking about the scent wafting from someone’s bong of Death Star (19.9% THC), but rather the cannabis industry becoming mainstream legitimate.   Ted Simpkins, the former CEO of Southern Wine & Spirits is now the CEO of River Distribution. The company models the ABC’s (Alcohol Beverage Control) process […]


The Farm

Craft Cannabis from a Community with Class Craft cannabis. What is it?    As the founder of Marijuana Writers, I see many trends develop throughout the cannabis community, as well as the entire industry. A chic new fad sweeping through the United States, and even Canada, is a craft industry for cannabis. It’s about quality, […]

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