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Interview with a Grower [series]

“My mom died when I was 5. A car accident on the LA Freeway. It was just my dad and me. He had a good friend up here who he turned to, you know, his whole world upside down. The guy was a big ganja farmer. He took us in and he helped my dad […]


Ask An Attorney

Kathleen Bryson answers your legal questions. Question: In light of the law enforcement raids at Island Mountain, what should a cannabis farmer do (or not do) as they attempt to navigate forward in the industry? Answer: I have spoken to, read Facebook posts of, and seen texts and e-mails from farmers who are, quite rightfully, […]



California Cannabis Voice Humboldt The conversation started in June of 2014 with a group of 35 people, stakeholders in our community. There was diversity in the crowd. We had business owners, small farmers, environmental proponents, county agency staff, state agency staff and people concerned about the future of Humboldt. We all came together for a […]


Dealing with Disability

– Dana Murguia – Although I know full and well that I am not the only ‘well-spouse’ my age, I sometimes feel like it. At 46 years old, I hear people my age complain about bad backs, wrinkles (the barely visible kind, as in ‘man, I don’t look 30 anymore’ – but who am I kidding? […]

JS Pyramid Point

Pyramid Point

– Jen Savage – We know Humboldt County offers seemingly endless opportunities to explore wild places, but our neighbor to the north sometimes gets overlooked. Del Norte County is well worth a day trip, or even a weekend – or, if you’re lucky enough to have the time, several days of visiting the redwoods, beaches, […]


Power of the Dress

Rima Greer With Cinderella back in the zeitgeist, it’s worth examining just what kind of impact this simple fairy tale has had on every woman’s psyche – and her wardrobe – since Charles Perrault published it in 1697. Cinderella may be about a girl who is mistreated by her stepmother and rises up to be […]


Emerald Experience: Big River Estuary

Big River Estuary: Expansive Conservation, Enormous Fun By Jennifer Savage, Adventure Columnist  Photo Courtesy by Catch a Canoe Of all Mendocino’s many adventures, exploring the Big River Estuary State Marine Conservation Area ranks among the most amazing. It’s the longest undeveloped estuary in Northern California, bordered by Big River State Park, making for 7,000 acres of protected […]

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Emerald Style: Layers

Emerald Style Rima Greer, Fashion Columnist Usually when Humboldtians talk about wearing layers, they mean a long sleeve tee, a vest and a hoodie.   Because it’s either beautiful or pouring rain or windy or foggy or sunny, or all of them practically at once. But today I’m writing about a different kind of layer. […]


Emerald Travels: China

Sean Jansen, Travel Columnist    China isn’t a country that celebrates many things you would consider relevant to most of us in the Western world. Their style and culture are so bizarrely different from our own that many of us would look at them as being something from another planet. And if their culture is […]


Emerald Style

Emerald Style Rima Greer, Columnist   When the City of Eureka was founded, women didn’t have to worry about their body types. They didn’t worry about their waists, hips, and thighs, not the way we do now. Not because they didn’t care how they looked – they cared every bit as much as we do now. […]

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