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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Trinidad, CA Photography by Bob Doran I’ll have one ice cream cone topped with mashed potatoes, brisket and gravy please! You may be familiar with these incredible cones being held in the hands of hungry go-getters at Arcata’s Farmers’ Market. What once started off as a Saturday stand has now branched out into […]

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Larrupin’ Welcomes You In

Larrupin’ Welcomes You In Photos and Story by Bob Doran Larrupin’ welcomes you in. The place has a cozy, down-home feel. Part of it is the ambience of the place, warm colors everywhere, chic but funky, elegant but homey, good smells and good food emerging from the kitchen. Officially it’s The Larrupin’ Cafe, but it’s […]


Whitethorn Winery

Whitethorn Winery By Michael Martino  Situated just off the banks of the Mattole River is the tiny hamlet of Whitethorn, California. Located just west of Garberville on the way to Shelter Cove, it is in the heart of the Lost Coast surrounded by the King Range and home to the old growth redwoods Humboldt is […]


Build and Install Raised Garden Beds


Sun Valley Vineyard

Sun Valley Vineyard


Eat More, Lose More

Eat More, Lose More


Late Night Bites

LateNightBites LateNightBites2


Big Foot Likes Grapes

Big  Foot  Likes  Grapes A Visit To Sentinel Winery By Tyler Whiteside Photos by Sheala Dunlap   As you wind your way up highway 299 from the coast your senses are put through as many changes as there are curves and hills. Many of us coastal dwellers know the drive well, expertly navigating the incessant […]


Southern Red Velvet Cake

Click Here  to get the recipe for your holiday Southern Red Velvet Cake

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The Grape Expansion

CLICK HERE to read more  of The Grape Expansion     Click Here to read more  about The Grape Expansion

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