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Creamy Veggie Korma - photo by Amy Aiello (1)

Healing Foods

Come harvest time and the nippy nights of November, many of us spend more time at home cooking, answering the healing call of the season. It’s an especially rewarding time for foodies and cooks, as autumn menus are chock-full of nutritious comfort foods and nostalgic aromas. I like to imagine that I’ll prepare a big […]

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Cannabis Cleaning Process

The most important thing to do before you begin to cook with cannabis is to clean your herb before it is infused into oil, butter, or directly into any of your food. Just as you need to clean your fruits and vegetables before you eat them to remove surface contaminants, you need to to clean […]

Blackberry Basil Canna-Shrub

Blackberry Basil Canna-Shrub

Everything old becomes vogue again, especially when it’s as stylish and vibrant as a homemade shrub. What’s a shrub? A simple name for a blend of fruit juice and vinegar, a shrub is etymologically rooted to the Arabic word “sharāb,” meaning, “to drink.” Popular in 17th century England, shrubs were often served in pubs with […]


HumYum Cannabis Caramels

When Elkiya Mendes’s aunt called her to request a batch of caramels, the Humboldt County pastry chef gave it her best effort. At the time, she considered herself more of a chocolate person, but Mendes was surprisingly taken with the rich, yet elegant, sea salt caramels she perfected. The gluten-free caramels also suited Mendes’s personal […]

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The Buds and the Bees

Cannabis Honey at Home Earlier this year a friend asked me if I would like to join her for a Saturday mead tasting in Southeast Portland. The party — celebrating recently opened Mead Market, the city’s only mead bottle shop and an entirely bee-centric store — was easy to agree to, but not just because […]


Mellow Morning Pumpkin Spice Granola

The comforting scents and colors of autumn encourage us to slow down and enjoy the sweeter things in life. A medicinal bowl of morning granola is perfect for taking the caffeine edge off your morning. Though corporate America has taken the pumpkin spice craze to new levels with pumpkin spice deodorant and pumpkin cheesecake frappuccinos […]


Strawberry Balsamic Bruschetta

Wonderfully simple and elegant, this appetizer pairs well with friends and a glass of rosé. Make the best of late season strawberries and Humboldt County’s world-famous goat cheese. Leftover bruschetta is lovely on top of mixed greens.   Ingredients: 1 rustic baguette, sliced 4 ounces Humboldt Fog or a soft goat cheese 1 cup diced […]


Happy Daze Lemon Tart

Relatives filled my house last month, arriving with armloads of coffee, granola and a heavy sack of Meyer lemons that were grown east of San Francisco. The overflowing bag of golden fruit immediately had me imagining this classic tart. Meyer lemons are a treat for the home cook, packing at least three times the flavor […]


Caramelized Fennel + Bacon Pizza

This pizza is packed with flavor without leaning on heavy cheese or tomato sauce. A modest dose of canna-olive oil is incorporated into the fennel sauce for a medicinal infusion. Save your fennel fronds to garnish your plate, or if you love their fresh flavor, lightly chop fronds and top pizza before serving. Ingredients: Caramelized […]

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by Regan Crisp   Part of releasing cannabis’ old-school stigmas is accepting the myriad ways it can make you feel. Sure, if you load up your bong with some high THC indica, you might fall into a TV trance, couch-locked by marijuana’s sleepy side. But cannabis can be energizing, too, and increasingly users are realizing […]

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