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Robust Blends of Passion and Innovation Coffee and cannabis connoisseurs rejoice! Pot-O-Coffee, the appropriately named Southern California based coffee, tea and cocoa company, has brought new meaning to the term ‘wake and bake.’ The business is one of the first in the nation to deliver infused cannabis (THC) & hemp cannabidiol (CBD) beverage blends. The market […]

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CannApple Sauce

Bee Happy, Bee High, Bee Well These aren’t just words of wisdom in cannabis culture, but the motto for CannAppleSauce, a business with a mission to soothe palates and pain. CannAppleSauce’s owner and Santa Cruz resident, Lizzi Westwood, is creating buzz in the industry with her high dosage honey and applesauce products. Her THC-infused recipes comply […]

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Craft Elixirs

WASHINGTON STATE What do you get when you cross Chicago’s sophisticated post-speakeasy vintage cocktail culture with Seattle’s embrace of experimental gastronomy and recreational cannabis? A wonderous line of syrups and elixirs fit for both craft cocktails and pancakes. You get Craft Elixirs, a small startup in the charming Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. Jamie Hoffman came […]

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Blow Bubbles with Ganja Gum

When a young Betty Hess got sick, her grandmother created a holistic concoction and fed it to her with a spoon. “Just drink that, it’ll do ya,” Hess’ grandmother would say. “I never knew what it was,” Hess said. “But whatever it was made me feel better.” This memory of her grandmother inspired the logo […]


Incredible Edibles

When her local dispensary couldn’t provide proper dietary edibles, Mariah Crumrine decided to step in and bake them herself. “I make lots of different edible treats for patients with all kinds of different dietary needs,” she said.  “I’m lactose intolerant and my local dispensaries don’t have edibles for patients with different dietary needs, so I […]

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Medibles and So Much More

How Will Our Cannabis Businesses Grow? With cannabis re-legalization on the horizon (it was legal until 1937), abundant business opportunities are right around the corner for entrepreneurial folks. The cannabis industry has always been an energetic one. Even while shadowed by state/federal conflicts on the medical side and outright illegality on the social use side, […]

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Forage Apothecary

In its clean, sophisticated, recycled box, Forage Apothecary entered the room. This socially responsible, picturesque business has mastered the art of elevated medibles worthy of boutique cannabis. These delectable treats could easily be found enjoyed amongst guests at tea parties or pot pairings. Of the flavors Forage offers: Peppermint Patty, Almond Simple Simon, Weekend Warrior […]

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