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Spicy Smoked “Green” Guacamole


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Historic California Collective Looks to the Future 

Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana “It takes connecting to heal each other, it takes a village to heal the village, and it takes that village to heal a nation.” – Valerie Corral, WAMM   In 1993, a full three years before Californians voted to approve Prop. 215, which authorized cannabis as medicine in the state, Valerie […]

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Oov Lifestyle Demystifies Cannabis for Women

Written by Dennis G Freeman Cannabis remains a mystery for many Californians. There is a gap in education, especially in the mainstream. People interested in the subject need a safe and comfortable space to gather, share resources, have an open dialogue, and participate in a sheltered environment. Oov Lifestyle is demystifying cannabis and helping newcomers — […]

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Talkin’ Bout My (Re)Generation

An Inspiring Visit with the First-Mover Millennials Behind Mendocino’s Award-Winning Moongazer Farms   Agriculture is at the foundation of human civilization, but something went badly wrong along the way – with both. Is it possible that in adopting better farming practices we could re-discover principles applicable to our human inter-connections too? The spiritual founder of […]

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