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Reducing Energy Use Will Improve Cannabis’s Carbon Footprint

Indoor cannabis was created by cultivators looking for safe spaces to supercharge their plants. Prohibition and opportunism led intrepid growers to take to basements, warehouses and other grow environments. Some of the earliest reporting on when cannabis turned indoors was in 1995, by plant dad Michael Pollan, who wrote in the New York Times that […]


Cannabis Packaging is Going Green to Help Remove Plastic from the Ocean

Cannabis legalization is stirring many different debates, ranging from public safety and regulation to environmental impact. For decades, the cannabis black-market has relied on sandwich bags, turkey bags and even envelopes, but today’s legal industry runs mostly on plastic tubes, bottles and exit bags. In Canada, we’re already hearing reports of excessive packaging when it […]


Cannabis- Packaging Laws Can be Bad for the Environment

  Right now, cannabis is only sold in 10 of the 50 states, but in each one, specific laws around packaging and child-proofing are creating piles of waste. Considering its roots in many earth-conscious communities, it’s way past time to be thinking about what happens when all of these cannabis tubes, packets and cartridges are […]

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Which Cannabis Consumption Method Is the Most Eco-Friendly?

In the rush to get cannabis from farms to buyers, the environment is really taking third or fourth chair, and the cannabis community could be dropping the ball on a major opportunity to hold companies accountable for the ecological impact of their products. Though it’s no surprise that local governments pushed for plastics and other […]

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