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cannabis pumpkin soup

Emerald Entrées: Pumpkin Soup with Cannabis-Furikake Kale

As storms move through California’s North Coast in November, Humboldt County residents welcome the start of soup season. An easy, fail-proof recipe, this pumpkin soup is as healthy as it is delicious. For an extra medicinal and flavor factor, top each bowl liberally with the cannabis Furikake-kale topping. Pumpkin Soup Adapted from Ingredients:  2 […]

baked in humboldt

Baked in Humboldt by Rachel Schmidt

“Some people really do rely on having that chocolate at the end of the day,” Schmidt says. “It’s no different than someone who has their beer, cocktail, doobie, whatever.” Gazing across an array of meticulously decorated medical candies produced by Rachel Schmidt, you’d never guess her first food job was in a butcher shop. Her […]

fall favorites with cannabis

Emerald Entrees: Harvest Flavors

“These ‘hemp’ plants of the pumpkin world are best for autumn decorating though they are fully edible and can be used for all the recipes you’ll find here.” It’s a funny thing, pumpkins: just like cannabis, they come in varieties good for making useful products and others that are sweet and delicious to consume. And, […]

Hemp Pest Recipe

Hemp and Health in the Kitchen

Welcome back! This month we are going to explore the health benefits of hemp seeds. As a huge advocate of hemp seeds, I use these little nuggets of joy for basically everything from smoothies, to pesto, to combining it with my raw cacao chocolate. First off, let’s start by explaining something…hemp seeds are of course […]

hemp for me and you

Hemp Seeds: Sustainable Superfoods for Me and You

The precious oil from hemp seeds is a miracle superfood in its own right. For some of us, hemp seed oil is part of a daily health regimen. I take a tablespoonful a day with my morning vitamins to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) and have done so for 21 years. It has helped keep the […]

oregon coast edibles

Oregon Coast Edibles

A Taste Through the Dispensaries of the Scenic Coast       My decade-long travels for fiber (see “Eco Printing Cannabis’s  Landscape” in August 2016’s edition) have brought me up and down the Oregon Coast. As a California resident, and 215 card-holder, I had trouble finding medication along the way. It is needless to say […]

Dr. Pepper Hernandez

Go Forth, Go Cannabis

“And even after all the appointments with qualified healthcare professionals, alternative practitioners, biopsies, blood work and negative feedback, I took a breath and settled into my own inner guidance. I began to find a renewed love for the spiritual side of cannabis.” Each of us have some use for the plant, whether it’s juicing, consuming, […]


Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis Sativa Vodka

   You may have seen it on international news sources like BuzzFeed, Complex or Mashable, but this Humboldt County original has been a local gem since it’s founding in 2012.    Humboldt Distillery is taking the cannabis community, and the Internet, by storm with the introduction of their newest Cannabis Sativa Vodka. The product, officially […]

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.44.37 PM

Cannabinated Spanakopita

Fine cuisine in a romantic setting is a classic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can create that special scene right at home. Decorate with brilliant Aegean blue and crisp white. Provide some mellow Bouzouki instrumental music. And take the time to treat your sweetie to a spectacular, homemade Greek dinner, cannabinated as much or […]

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.41.40 PM

CannApple Sauce

Bee Happy, Bee High, Bee Well These aren’t just words of wisdom in cannabis culture, but the motto for CannAppleSauce, a business with a mission to soothe palates and pain. CannAppleSauce’s owner and Santa Cruz resident, Lizzi Westwood, is creating buzz in the industry with her high dosage honey and applesauce products. Her THC-infused recipes comply […]

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