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Cannabis & Pain: Soothing A Soft Society

Knee surgery last fall had me thinking about pain, true tolerance, and why so many Americans are bent on being anesthetized. In a June 2011 report titled “Relieving Pain in America” the Institute of Medicine states 100 million Americans suffer from some kind of pain at a cost of $635 billion a year. As ABC […]


Finding Our Way Back to the Garden

What is your good medicine? Fragrant herbs beckon to us with health and well-being. When the sun shines we are called to its warmth. We are hydrated by the coolness of water, and comforted and strengthened by the food we eat. The way we move helps our biological systems to function, and if we are […]

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Cut It Short To Grow It Long

Hypothetical situation. You are a hard-working farmer. You are so hard-working that you are in the midst of harvest and planting at the same time. In the midst of slashing scissors, sticky scales, and scrawling salary sums there are potted plants waiting to be put into their homes. The trim crew needs more food, the […]


Compost Tea for Victory!

Compost Tea for Victory    “Can you drink it?”  is the question  sometimes asked when promoting it to an unsuspecting third party. The reality is that compost tea is a relatively old farming practice getting a modern makeover. Compost tea recipes range far and wide, and can be tailored to remedy particular health issues or […]


Light Deprivation

Light Deprivation By DJ Hayes | Images by Kym Kemp, Perrl Productions & Victoria Voss  In the grand forum of cannabis cultivation there is a method in the spotlight, or rather it’s only in the spotlight for controlled periods of time. Light deprivation, or light dep, is a relatively new trend that you shouldn’t be […]

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Soilscape Solutions

Soilscape Solutions

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DIY Greenhouse Hoop

Build Cheap. Build Easy. Grow Your Garden. A do-it-yourself greenhouse project for the price conscientious gardener   By DJ Hayes | Image by Christina Morales   The word “greenhouse” conjures images of delicate glass temples, housing beautiful plants like the conservatory of flowers in Golden Gate Park of San Francisco.  While you can certainly purchase a ready-made […]


Grow with the Pros: Green Fuse Product Review

   GreenFuse Growth Stimulant is a little known, yet effective, product that comes in handy this time of year. For many gardeners it can be worrisome to plant cannabis  due to the fear of plants prematurely flowering. If planted too early, plants revert to a flowering phase, causing crucial growth time to be wasted because […]

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Making Light Of Time

Making Light of Time When to transplant By Connor Callahan | Cover Image by Dakota Rains   Those of you who drive Highway 36, 299 or the 101 on the regular, may have noticed an increase in enclosed trailers on the road, and U-Hauls as well. That’s because it’s the springtime push, and people are […]


Grow With The Pros Product Review: Dr B’s Green Trees Growth

Grow With The Pros Product Review: Dr B’s Green Trees Growth Spring has finally arrived and with it the promise of another fun year working in the garden. So with that in mind we at The Emerald Magazine wanted to review a product that would help all growers, experts and novices alike, to have a […]

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