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Home Is Where The Hearth Is

Home Is Where The Hearth Is Raven Ridge Retreat Story by Nathan Butler | Photos by Larry Ulrich   Trinidad is one of the earliest settled villages on the North Coast. It boasts a rich sailing and pioneering history. The pleasant atmosphere and unique businesses will easily spirit away your afternoon. It teems with parks, […]


A Foundation of FLORA

A Foundation of FLORA Trinity River Farm By Nathan Butler | Photos by Sheala Dunlap   Good soil, plenty of water, lots of sun, and Tom O’Gorman; that is how you make your garden grow. Nestled in a picturesque valley of the Trinity River you will find Tom and his horticulture hard at work providing […]


Summertime Means Fun in the Garden

Summertime Means Fun in the Garden Keep Humboldt Green and Keep the Green in Humboldt. Buy Local. By Keith Hamm, Garden Columnist  What a year we are having, light in rain totals, but an abundance of coastal sunshine on the garden. A lot of us have used this to our advantage with early plantings. Too bad […]


Living Off The Grid with Woven Roots Lead Singer, Travis Barter

            It is often said that the purpose of music is to drive social dialogue. Musicians then, must endeavor to put themselves at the forefront of what is commonly accepted and what isn’t, to find the inspiration and courage to try to open our minds to new ways of thinking. […]


Humboldt Flower Power At Its Best

Humboldt Flower Power At Its Best   Ferndale Florist Puts Her Magic To The Test Photos and Story By Jamie Hindley    Ever since I’ve opened my flower shop in Ferndale, I have made it a point to attend as many educational floral programs as possible. I have met and learned from some of the top […]


Mole Madness: To Hell with These Hills!

Mole Madness: To Hell with These Hills!  By Sarah Moore For many gardeners this is one of the most pleasant times of year. The vegetables are in and thriving: pumpkins and melons sprouting, tomatoes turning red and gold, eggplants ripening to purple perfection. Lovely gladiolas wave in the wind with long-necked elegance while clematis and […]


A Pestless Paradise: Keep Slugs Out of the Garden

A Pestless Paradise: Keep Slugs Out of the Garden By Sarah Moore There’s nothing more discouraging than tilling, mulching, planting, watering, weeding, and generally babying a garden, only to find it one day taken over by that heinous nemesis of gardeners everywhere: the slug. Gardeners in the Northwest, where the rain and general lack of […]

Botanical garden 1

Humboldt Botanical Garden: Get Your Nature On

Humboldt Botanical Garden Get Your Nature On By Benjamin Fordham   Humboldt Botanical Garden Get Your Nature On As we hurry back and forth in our daily lives, it’s easy to mistake the rat race for reality. It’s not. Reality is plants and animals, the sun and sky. Reality is quiet, and peaceful. And if […]


Bargain Garden

 Bargain Garden Home gardening is not only a relaxing activity, but a refreshing and rewarding one as well. There’s something about plants, besides the oxygen, that makes us feel good about ourselves. I went to the Arcata farmers market and fell head-over-heals in love with this one flower stand. At $2.00 a tray I felt like […]


Native Gardening

Native Gardening You Can and You Should By Sarah Moore There are a lot of reasons to garden: for exercise, for fun, for food, for beauty. I honestly can’t think of a bad reason to get on your knees and dig in the dirt, but if you need another good one, here it is: save […]

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