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Elk Ridge Holistic

Elk Ridge Holistic

“Their personal involvement with their patient has manifested a program in which they make it possible for people with terminal illnesses, or who are especially in need, to receive their products for free.” Off-roaders whizz along a span of terrain overlooking the mountains and redwoods in the heart of Humboldt County, California where the Eel […]

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The Life and Career of Renowned Horticulturist and Author Jorge Cervantes

“Cannabis is no longer a subculture, it’s pop-culture. It’s an industry worth billions, and as a movement it’s global.” As cannabis normalizes it’s easy to forget about the days when cannabis enthusiasts were outsiders. We’ve come a long way as a culture, movement, and industry. Some, including myself, can’t remember when popular strains didn’t exist. […]

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Rain Grown Cannabis

Rain-grown cannabis represents salmon safe, fish friendly farming, with many other benefits to the watershed and our communities! For plants to grow, air and water need to flow. Soil (and its microbiology) provide a happy medium, and the sun provides photons to power photosynthesis. These elements all come together to form life on earth, the […]


Finding Our Way Back to the Garden

What is your good medicine? Fragrant herbs beckon to us with health and well-being. When the sun shines we are called to its warmth. We are hydrated by the coolness of water, and comforted and strengthened by the food we eat. The way we move helps our biological systems to function, and if we are […]


High Society Apparel

Like the plant itself, cannabis clothing companies are beginning to bud all over the place. From stoner chicks to gentleman stoners, there is something in store for everyone. SOME GIRLS GET HIGH – This New York based clothing line is the sister company to Tree Shurts, an all-American, handmade, underground distributor. Some Girls Get High identify themselves […]

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The Reggae Food Truck

The Reggae Food Truck Simmer Down Caribbean Cafe Story & Photos by Bob Doran   Simmer Down Caribbean Cafe is not your usual food truck. For starters, it’s mostly vegetarian, and the menu is Jamaican — what’s known as ital style. They have burgers and fries, but not the all-American kind, this is JA-stylie.    […]

Fish and Chips

Emerald Get-Out-Guide

Hikshari’ Trail Hike & Lunch at Hana’s Dana Murguia Assistance Columnist It’s that time of year again when we all start to get spring fever and want to get outside and into the elements as much as possible. This presents a challenge for people in wheelchairs or those folks who cannot walk steep trails, unlike those of […]


Emerald Get-Out-Guide

Benbow, California  Dana Murguia Assistance Columnist It’s that time of year when you are either boycotting Valentine’s Day and holing up with your own box of Partrick’s chocolates for the night, or searching feverishly for the perfect spot to take your special someone. Since 1926 the Benbow Inn has been the place for special occasions […]



Camelot Stables Trinidad, CA -Dana Murguia- My father used to ride religiously at a stable called “Camelot” in Trinidad, CA.   Riding spirited horses was a pastime of ours that stretched back nearly four decades, and I resisted returning to his special place until this past October since he would no longer be there. For […]


Get-Out-Guide: Wheelchair Hike

As Intoxicating as Any Cocktail:  Wheelchair Hike – Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge By Dana Murguia | Image by Meghan Quintanilla   We are constantly in pursuit of places to go in Humboldt with wheelchair access to the outdoors. This is the season of holiday walks with family or friends, and we have the perfect hike […]

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