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My Bud Vase

Written by Mackenzie Brotzman Deep in the heart of South Carolina, a state not often associated with progressive cannabis policies, Doreen Sullivan creates one-of-a-kind lifestyle pieces with two purposes. Her antique floral vases also double as water pipes. My Bud Vase, a passion project of Doreen’s, launched April 2016 in Folly Beach, South Carolina, what […]


The Oakland Toke

Puff, Pass, Paint   Visitors to Oakland are always enthralled by supreme sunsets, sports culture, and now the emerging cannabis scene. Those residing in Oakland are equally impressed with the passage of Measure Z, which is the city’s alternative to the War on Drugs. Since Measure Z places adult cannabis use as the lowest police […]

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Herbal Allies – Passionflower

Passionflower climbs on curling, delicate vines: its intricate purple, yellow, pink, and white blossoms draw the eye magnetically with bright stamen and spaceship-like tendrils that invoke the celestial. While this flower takes its name from the crucifixion of Christ, it finds spiritual symbolism in many cultures, and its medicinal traditions date back thousands of years. […]

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2017 National Cannabis Industry Association Summit & Expo

The Cannabis industry’s occupation rainbow was displayed in its full spectrum on June 12-14 at  the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), Cannabis Business Summit and Expo. As the organization’s largest meeting yet, 4,500 people gathered at the Oakland Marriott City Center. Medical experts, attorneys, technology and software specialists, and public policy advocates were only a […]

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Moving Cannabis Into The Home Take a step inside Jenny Rhae’s home and you’ll immediately smell the delightful aroma of lavender. Sit down to dinner, and you may enjoy a meal cooked in avocado oil,  paired with a refreshing, tall glass of lemon tea.  Afterwards, you may sample a couple drops of coconut oil lotion […]


Ruminations on Forbidden Vegetation

Pro-herbal supplement voices often claim that the marketplace has a bias in favor of Big Pharma while being less open to herbal medicines.   The late, great, social commentator and humorist, Bill Hicks, once said of cannabis prohibition, “…but how can you make nature against the law?…Isn’t that kind of …unnatural?” The same innocently logical […]

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Top Five Herbs that Work Synergistically with Cannabis

There are common herbs that work well for many different ailments or discomforts, but did you know that there are some that work really well with cannabis? Let’s take a look at my top five, that are highly recommended for use in tinctures, salves, and tea brews. Cannabis and Lavender It is common knowledge that lavender […]

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Hops and Cannabis, Close Cousins

No other plant is as closely related to cannabis as hops. The two are the only economically important members of the botanical family — called the cannabaceae — which contain 270 aromatic species in all (Encyclopaedia Britannica). While cannabis has been bred for a wide variety of uses, from low THC hemp to the dankest […]


Herbal Allies: Tulsi

As cannabis culture straddles the diminishing divide between pleasure and physical healing, enthusiasm for this plant’s medicinal properties comes more to the fore while some of cannabis’s ego wears off. Cannabis is a giver of relaxation, great moods and relief from chronic conditions. It’s hard to ignore the effects of CBD on epilepsy, for example, or […]


Incorporating Cannabis into Healing Blends

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtue has not yet been discovered.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson   Herbalists have long been aware of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. For much of history, many medicine gardens contained a cannabis plant where it was used for tinctures, salves and smoke. Modern herbalists tend to view cannabis […]

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