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Yellow blossoms grow on the tops of a field of industrial hemp plants.

The Meaning of Hemp

Q & A With Humboldt Hemp Advocate and Entrepreneur, Anna Owen With all the attention on cannabis these days, some may overlook the low THC seed and fiber crop varieties commonly known as hemp. In fact, there is a lot of confusion around what hemp is, how it can be used, and what role, if […]


Seeds Turn Into Amazing Strains

Seeds come in many forms. I was very fortunate to find many seeds of vast knowledge on this trip around the sun. When you bury seeds, you may think they are gone because you do not see them any longer. Soon though, those seeds will grow. The more of them you bury, the bigger the […]


Cannabis & Pain: Soothing A Soft Society

Knee surgery last fall had me thinking about pain, true tolerance, and why so many Americans are bent on being anesthetized. In a June 2011 report titled “Relieving Pain in America” the Institute of Medicine states 100 million Americans suffer from some kind of pain at a cost of $635 billion a year. As ABC […]

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Weed Out The Pain

Sean Hodge is getting used to the slower pace of Humboldt County, his new home since September. He moved here to start his business, Weedy Oil, which makes organic CBD-rich salves, lip balms, and soaps—products he was inspired to create after experiencing first-hand the healing effects of cannabis. Hodge credits high-CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol) […]


Got Respect

  The guys at Got Respect in downtown Garberville are working to bring health and vitality to the community through a trifecta of alternative remedies that they call the Three Kings: Shilajit, CBD Max and Moringa Tea.   “For me, it’s a way to help the community I live in and have a good lifestyle for myself,” […]

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Craft Elixirs

WASHINGTON STATE What do you get when you cross Chicago’s sophisticated post-speakeasy vintage cocktail culture with Seattle’s embrace of experimental gastronomy and recreational cannabis? A wonderous line of syrups and elixirs fit for both craft cocktails and pancakes. You get Craft Elixirs, a small startup in the charming Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. Jamie Hoffman came […]

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Ditched Weeds: A Brief Discussion of Hemp

Ditched Weeds: A Brief Discussion of Hemp Hemp is illegal. Hemp isn’t really weed, but it is illegal. Before you go tackling that 17-year-old Phish fan for their hemp necklace, read on. In the US, cannabis was recognized and regulated as a psychoactive substance as early as the 1860s, but the Marihuana Tax of 1937 […]

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