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Photo by: Lee Edwin Coursey

Natural Wonder

Camping at Patrick’s Point State Park, by Benjamin Fordham Patrick’s Point State Park near Trinidad is like a land frozen in time. Giant ferns and thick underbrush hem in large natural prairies and centuries old Sitka spruce are buffeted by the Pacific winds. One would almost expect to see a velociraptor trotting down one of […]



LOST COAST LOVE Story and Photos by  Tyler Whiteside Nestled off the Pacific Ocean and protected by jagged hills of emerald green, lies the small but beautiful Lost Coast Vineyard. The setting is serene and relaxing, just as one would expect to find in the remote outpost of Petrolia, California. Sunset Magazine has called the […]


Kinetic Cringe

Kinetic Cringe The Haunted Kinetic Lab of Horrors By Bernard Bass | Photos by H.R. LoBue   It is just before noon on a quiet Sunday morning at the end of a loosely paved road in Arcata. Changing leaves skirt across the street in a breeze that smells of the fresh, brisk beginnings of a Lost […]



MOTHERLODE Get Ready To Get Funky By Josh Ruff     New versions of things from the past are not always good representations of that era, but once in a while people just plain get it right. Motherlode is bringing back 70’s soundtrack funk with a mix of Afrobeat. The Arcata-based band is not an […]


Redwood Zipper

Redwood Zipper   Story by Vanessa Laird   My heart was thumping out of my chest so loud I thought others could hear it. I tried to ignore the beat and just focus. Breathe, I told myself. I was absorbed in my focus as I began to climb. One step, hold and then the next. […]

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Fortuna’s Apple Harvest Festival

Fortuna’s Apple Harvest Festival A Party for Apples By Benjamin Fordham   Looking for something to do? Why not shut down Main Street and have a party? That’s what’s happening in the town of Fortuna on October 5th and 6th, and you’re invited. This one happens to be an apple party. Not the mealy, shiny kind […]


Mycality Mushrooms

Mycality Mushrooms   Healthy Living Through Mushrooms By Stephanie Giles   A bulbous mushroom grows from a block of sawdust, sprouting what looks like a mane of white hair that seems to lay perfectly straight. Yes, it’s a mushroom, but take a bite and you will taste the salty tenderness of lobster. This is a Lions […]


Warren Creek Farm

Warren Creek Farm  Pumpkin Patch and Produce Stand Story by Dave Feral | Portrait  by Alan Sanborn Our house is full of excitement as autumn arrives and the best produce that our local farms have to offer begins to reach the peak of ripeness. Fresh crisp apples, sweet rich corn, delicious, buttery winter squash and […]


Home Is Where The Hearth Is

Home Is Where The Hearth Is Raven Ridge Retreat Story by Nathan Butler | Photos by Larry Ulrich   Trinidad is one of the earliest settled villages on the North Coast. It boasts a rich sailing and pioneering history. The pleasant atmosphere and unique businesses will easily spirit away your afternoon. It teems with parks, […]

IMG_0818 Strongs Landing

Dhyana On The Van Duzen

 Dhyana On The Van Duzen   By Victoria Voss   When it comes to spiritual and mental health, there are great lengths I will travel. When nature calls, I answer, and there are few better places to answer that call than right along the scenic banks of the Van Duzen River. Turning off Highway 101 towards […]

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