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High St. Teas

Humboldt Medicine   Victoria England’s British roots have crept into her new brand, High St. Teas, inspired by her longtime home in Humboldt and its beloved cash crop. Born in England, and raised in Mill Valley, California, it is was not until 1994 that she arrived in Humboldt County to attend Humboldt State University. By […]


Humboldt Patient Resource Center

Creating Balance with Cutting Edge Cannabis   When Mariellen Jurkovich hopped in a Volkswagen van and headed up the California coast, she couldn’t have imagined what lay ahead. She was moving to a vastly different place than her previous home in San Diego. At the time, Humboldt County was a bastion for alternative living. Many […]


The Science of Hard Cider

Vinum, et al   The compound 4-etheyl phenol can wreak havoc on low-alcohol fermented beverages.  It’s produced by contaminant, or rogue, Brettanomyces yeasts (Brett, for short).  At low levels, 4-ethyl phenol contributes to flavor complexity in red wine, beer and hard cider. Excessively bretty beverages, however, have a powerful ‘band-aid’ or barnyard note.     […]


Cassaro’s Catering

Interview by Linda Stansberry For the first installment of our event planning series, we sat down with Chris Cassaro of Cassaro’s Catering. Chris is fondly remembered by at least one visiting film crew as “the towel lady.” When Cassaro’s catered a shoot in Redwood National Park she had a supply of warm lemongrass-infused towels on […]


Humboldt Made: Take the Long Way Home

– Linda Stansberry – Gas is cheap (for now). Time is long (for now). The days are getting longer and the sunsets remain breathtaking. Rush hour through Eureka is still only 18 minutes. Life is pretty darn good. So if you’re headed home, why not take the long way? To live in Humboldt County is […]

Humboldt Made: What We Love About Humboldt

What We Love About Humboldt: Storm Warnings Linda Stansberry Think you love Humboldt? Spend a real winter here. Wait until the roads flood and the wind shakes the walls of your house like a terrier with a toy in its teeth. Are you thrilled or are you terrified? No judgment—we’re just saying that most of […]


Humboldt Chocolate

Humboldt Chocolate By Benjamin Fordham Do you like chocolate? You do? Do you like locally made, non-conflict sourced, hand-crafted chocolate? Yes? What if I told you that every time you eat a piece of Humboldt Chocolates chocolate, a baby kitten falls in love? Well, I made that up. But still, they’re really, really good. With […]

egg nog

Humboldt Holiday Spirits!

  Humboldt Holiday Spirits! Interview by Dave Feral   Images by Abe Stevens   While mixing up your favorite holiday cocktails, I encourage you to stir in some of the carefully crafted spirits produced by Abe Stevens at Humboldt Distillery. I recently had an opportunity to talk with Abe, owner and master distiller at Humboldt Distillery, about […]


Humboldt Made

What We Love  About Humboldt:    Real Green   By Linda Stansberry What’s in a name? You’ll see plenty of labels when you walk down your average grocery store aisle: whole wheat, gluten-free, organic, green. But what good is an organic egg from an unhappy chicken? Or a gluten-free donut from a monolithic megacorporation with little […]


Humboldt Made: Thirty Minutes in Any Direction

What We Love About Humboldt:    Thirty Minutes in Any Direction   by Linda Stansberry     Admit it: we proud Humboldtians who live in the bustling metropolises of Arcata and Eureka occasionally get a bit city-centric. We long for vacations away from the fog and spend grim hours in front of our computers researching timeshares […]

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