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Mother’s Finest Seed Company

Cancer can strike any individual, regardless of age, gender or level of health. Scientists have identified the causes as well as the processes involved in this killer disease. Sadly, however, we still have a long way to go before the miracle of a cure is discovered. Among the most common forms is breast cancer. According […]


Pot Pocket

Not that cannabis needs a lot of help in the fun department, but accessories can certainly make people enjoy the product more. Jo-Ann Bellanti, the president of The Johnny Road King Company, made a product in honor of her younger sister Carol. When a nurse from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute saw it, she was fascinated […]

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MCR Labs

Cannabis testing is now a regulated element of today’s emerging  market. Cannabis, just like any other type of agricultural product, is inevitably exposed to variables that affect its quality and effects on users. These variable be anything from pesticides to mold caused by extreme weather conditions. Testing cannabis provides consumers with peace of mind by […]


Garden Cuisine

Written by Christine Harootunian Photography by Kevin Ellison   The path to the Garden Remedies edibles production kitchen was not a direct one for master Chef Chris Kittredge and sous Chef Mike Villaronga. Both had their start in naval prep kitchens on land and at sea, including aboard submarines. Apparently there is a high demand for […]


Garden Remedies

Dispensing Compassionate Relief in Massachusetts They’ve served their country in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’ve survived cancer. They’ve experienced the worst kinds of injuries and addictions. They’ve tried every conventional treatment for chronic pain and found nothing that can alleviate it. They are the hundreds of thousands of men and women in Massachusetts who may be […]

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