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Cannabis & Pain: Soothing A Soft Society

Knee surgery last fall had me thinking about pain, true tolerance, and why so many Americans are bent on being anesthetized. In a June 2011 report titled “Relieving Pain in America” the Institute of Medicine states 100 million Americans suffer from some kind of pain at a cost of $635 billion a year. As ABC […]

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  In retrospect, I should have felt alarm. I might have suspected that nothing would ever again be quite the same. But it all began innocently enough. July 30, 2015, after a splendid day tending the weed at five thousand foot elevation in the mountains of Humboldt County, California, a light show began in the […]

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The Bud Sisters

Dr. Joyce Centofanti and Pearl Moon of “The Bud Sister’s™ met in 1981 while both were studying ceramics and performance art at the University of Montana in Missoula. Pearl, who refers to herself as “the older sister,” is a native of Montana. She said she taught her “younger sister from Southern California,” Joyce, about herbal remedies and living […]

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Emerald Experience

Reading Rock State Marine Conservation Area Wild ocean on one side, old-growth forest on the other -Jennifer Savage- Adventure Columnist  Image courtesy of Ocean Conservancy California has no shortage of amazing coastal places to visit. One quick way to narrow your options is to check out any of the state’s marine protected areas – the same […]

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Mendocino Art Center: The Heart of Art

Mendocino Art Center: The Heart of Art Written by Nathan Butler | Photo Contribution by the Mendocino Art Center   John F. Kennedy once said “if art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.” As a society how do we […]


The Mellow Mantra of Mendocino

The Mellow Mantra of Mendocino ( Zero to Zen in under ten seconds!) By Mike Marino Author of The Sandoz Collection Getting mellow in Mendocino County is not a difficult thing to do, considering it is part and parcel of the famed Emerald Triangle of California. Located in dead center in the vortex of the […]


Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens By Alex Martin  Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens a sprawling 47 acre property in Mendocino County, between California’s Highway One and the Pacific Ocean. It includes canyons, wetlands, coastal bluffs, and a closed-cone pine forest. The Gardens founded in 1961 by Ernest and his wife Betty Schoefer. In the year 1992 the […]


Small Towns and Rural Communities

Small Towns and Rural Communities Saving America’s Soul one Micro-Brew at a Time In the 20th century, we saw the sharpest decline in rural and small communities in the history of human existence. The hardship, lack of opportunity and big city luxury drove people to seek the faster paced lifestyle of the cities. This has […]

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