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Jim Belushi: From Screen to Green

We could have called this article “Oregon’s Funny Farmer,” because Jim Belushi is funny and a farmer, but we didn’t want to seem disrespectful. Growing cannabis is no joke. Frankly, neither is comedic acting. Ask Belushi—he’ll tell you. Although he makes his work look easy, this man takes comedy and farming very seriously. In fact, […]

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You Light Up My Leaf

By Eric Danville Emerald Metrics Mixes Software and Hardware to Help You (and Your Business) Grow Some of the most enduring propaganda images from the 1980s-era War on Drugs come from grainy, almost psychedelic color footage, usually shot from a helicopter or airplane, showing a row of houses. Most of the buildings are dark, but one […]

Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA.

West Coast Travels

Top Three-Day Weekend Destinations for Cannabis Lovers Summer is the time to kick off our shoes, fly somewhere new, and find adventure. But flying off to an exotic location that welcomes cannabis isn’t always in the cards. If you’re lucky enough to live in Washington, Oregon or California — you don’t have to go far to […]


Bull Run Craft Cannabis

A Story of Love, Friendship, and Some Damn Good Herb Written by Ashley Priest   The story of Bull Run Craft Cannabis started with the friendship between entrepreneur John Plummer, and master craft cannabis grower, Mike Scarborough. On their weekend sailing trips, it became apparent that Scarborough grew some of the dankest bud around. On […]

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The Buds and the Bees

Cannabis Honey at Home Earlier this year a friend asked me if I would like to join her for a Saturday mead tasting in Southeast Portland. The party — celebrating recently opened Mead Market, the city’s only mead bottle shop and an entirely bee-centric store — was easy to agree to, but not just because […]



High Definition Art   The creative world is helping to re-brand the new generation of legal cannabis, shedding the “counter” part of “counterculture.”     For the Portland-based business, Cannastudio, this means re-visualizing the cannabis plant through photography and design.   The studio showcases kaleidoscope-like designs, created by Eliav Cohen, founder and CEO of the […]


The Art and The Leaf with Julia Krase

Written by Art Cosgrove   Cannabis and artistic expression go hand-in-hand. Now that the industry has come out of the shadows, so have the genres of art it inspires.   Julia Krase is riding this wave. She primarily works as a sequential artist, a medium that uses images to tell a story, and supplements her income […]


Panacea for All

One Woman’s Goal to Give Back to the Aging and LGBTQ Communities Written by Art Cosgrove Panacea is an elegant and cozy dispensary which sits on a busy stretch of Sandy Street in Northeast Portland. Owned and managed by Melissa Egan, Panacea has been in operation since the start of Oregon’s legal cannabis boom two […]


Farm Fresh Healing

Pain, Cancer and Cannabis: A Love Story   Brandon Collier learned how to farm cannabis when he was just 15 years old. As a third generation farmer, he has cultivated cannabis for two decades in Bend, Oregon. When Collier was 13, he was hit by a car. The accident damaged several disks, which are now […]


Empower Oil

Oregon Cannabis Bodycare By Art Cosgrove Empower Body Care is a rising star in the Northwest cannabeauty scene. The company embraces a minimalist style and offers a small catalogue of bodycare products that are just as much of a medicine as they are cosmetics. Trista Okel runs Portland based company, and has been involved in […]

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