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Pot Talk: XJ-13

AMY WITT Sometimes I just have to disconnect from the real world and be connected with nature and cannabis. I was having an off day when I decided to roll up a nice joint of by XJ-13. XJ-13 is a lightweight sativa that leaves a strong citrus flavor, and sometimes even earthy hints of berry, […]

Silver OG Lucky Chief Photo Cred Jamie Changala

Pot Talk: Lucky Chief’s Silver OG

By Amy C. Witt | Photo by Jamie Changala On the exhale the smoke is clean, smooth and light, with a strong pine and OG bang that stimulates the palette. A deep aroma of Kush will accommodate the senses. Within moments, Lucky Chief’s Silver OG Sugar will prickle your skin and alleviate stress as it motivates […]



 JRollz -XXX OG Written By Amy C. Witt | @caliiforniadreamin Wednesday  – 9:15 p.m. – It’s been a long day. I’m stressed from working; trying to meet deadlines; conducting interviews; writing; making everyone happy; and maxing myself out at the gym. My body is beaten. Last night as well as today, I experienced extreme abdominal […]

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Pot Talk: Lambs Bread

By Amy Witt While hitting weights at the gym the other day, I overheard a meathead flirtingly ask a young female what she took before she came to the gym to get her “pump on.” I chuckled as I listened to her proudly recite her list of chemical and synthetic-ridden pre-workout snacks. Smiling to myself, […]

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Tangerine Cream Dream Farm

POT TALK Imagine you’re in the middle of a tangerine farm. Hundreds of rows of tangerine trees in every direction. Now imagine being really high in a Tangerine Dream Farm. Unlike any other strain I’ve come in contact with, Tangerine Cream smells exactly like tangerines. It has a light, fluffy feel that is immediately satisfying. […]

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Pot Talk: Kosher Kush

Some of us are lucky enough to come across a strain that sticks with us for the rest of our lives. It stays etched into our memory: you can still smell it and taste it, and when you come across it again, well, it’s almost impossible to pass up. For me, one of those strains […]

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Pot Talk: Green Banana Ranch

With a focus on sungrown, small batch organic cannabis, Dan Bobillot, President and Director of Green Banana Ranch is sincere when he starts telling me of his company’s vision. Born and raised in Humboldt County, Dan along with his brother Alex, who oversees most of the Ranches’ cultivation, have watched the emergence and growth of […]

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Pot Talk: Hendrx Farms

Innovation and community are two words that describe Hendrx Farms. The company, which operates out of McKinleyville and Bridgeville, California is committed to strong and healthy clones of both classic and fresh strains.   Growing up together since childhood in Humboldt County, the team has grown to become a natural extension of that friendship and […]

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On Point Farms takes its name from an expression commonly used to describe the products created by its owner, Rob Schultz. Written by Pete Powlovich   Located along the picturesque California Highway 299 in central Humboldt County, On Point Farms focuses on providing high quality medical cannabis products that work with the needs of the […]


Pot talk with Emily Hobelmann

The Heart of Humboldt The Heart of Humboldt, also known as THCA, is a bustling medical cannabis dispensary in Arcata, California. The venue itself is fairly small, yet cozy at the same time. They have a broad selection of flowers, all lab tested, some grown on-site and some grown off-site by assuredly vetted vendors. THCA […]

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