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Resource Innovation Institute Commends California’s City of Goleta

This information was provided by Resource Innovation Institute (RII) Send your Press Release here. Resource Innovation Institute Commends California’s City of Goleta for Including Energy Assessment Requirements in Cannabis Land Use Ordinance   The Ordinance Establishes Regulations for Various Cannabis Uses Within the City, Including the Energy Use Assessment Required for Indoor Cultivation GOLETA, Calif.— As California cities and towns […]

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A Healthy Obsession: A Floating B&B

A Healthy Obsession By Benjamin Fordham   Whether it’s cruising around on a placid bay or braving the open ocean, sailing can be a wonderfully revelatory experience. With summer bathing us in golden light from above (wear sunscreen), there is no better time than now to enjoy our local waters in the S/V Obsession, Doby […]


A Pain In The Neck

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The Power of Perambulation

The Power of Perambulation   In the age of high speed living, it is more important than ever to slow down. At the same time, in the age of computers, cars, and fast food, we need to get our bodies moving. One of the best ways to do this is perambulating or walking. It provides […]


Effective Procedures for Creative, Expedient Healing: Back to Basics

Effective Procedures for Creative, Expedient Healing: Back to Basics Scott Lloyd Sherman, MA, LMFT Introduction: The science and art of counseling and psychotherapy has come a long way. It, indeed, has returned to its roots in its opening up to the spirituality of meditation, mysticism and shamanism. What follows are seven basic attributes, synthesized and […]


Learning to Respond vs. React

Back to Time Outs: Learning to Respond vs. React   Along with “The purpose of my life is to become fully integrated!” comes the idea of becoming “present.” See Fire in the Mind: Science, Faith, and the Search for Order; Biography of Joseph Campbell. When we are present we are fully aware of what is going […]


Time Outs

Time Outs   Before emotions and/or words begin to run really hot and hard it is a very wise to take a “Time Out.” Doing so may safeguard your saying or doing something regretful! Many relationships break up when people are really upset, hurt or angry. At these time we are, literally, out of our […]


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