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operation pipe dreams

Today’s Art, Yesterday’s Paraphernalia: Remembering Operation Pipe Dreams

“Jason had no idea his arrest was apart of the nationwide until Tommy Chong, who would become the trophy of the operation, reached out to him.” In 2003, hundreds of businesses and homes were raided across the nation in what was code named “Operation Pipe Dreams.” The operation targeted large-scale pipe and bong distributors. Most […]

Marijuana riad w/ helicopter

Shock Troops and Short Seasons

Cannabis growers in central Mendocino County were spooked by rumors of unidentified, military-style, armed men descending from helicopters to destroy gardens all over the region last summer and fall. Whoever these guys were, all reports agreed that they ignored legally posted medical grow notices and showed neither badges nor warrants.  Just swooped in, cut down every […]


My Bust – Paradise Ridge

My name is John Matthews. I owned 120 acres of Paradise Ridge and Bear Creek valley in the Whitethorn/ Shelter Cove area of Humboldt Co Ca. I grew weed on my property for my own medical purposes. I have been a consumer of marijuana since the early 1970s. I found that it helped me with my […]

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