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Expert skier skiing powder, Mt. Mansfield, Stowe Mountain Resort, Stowe, Vermont

Winter Wonderland

Cannabis and skiing go hand in hand. Two years ago this writer experienced this hills of Tahoe, California after seventeen years of avoiding the sport. After sparking up on the ski lift there was nothing left standing in the way of having a good time. Vermont is well known to ski lovers across the nation […]

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Pot Talk with Emily Hobelmann

We are living in an era of frenzied cannabis branding — people developing ways to market their farms, products and services. But some cannabis farmers intend to stay underground, farming quietly in the hills, moving their product on the market with no fanfare, with no marketing strategies or business plans — just a serious love […]

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Guide to CBD

Guide to CBD Cannabis Without the High “CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and anti-anxiety properties without the “high.”   Cannabis contains many compounds, with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) being one of the more popular and well known. However, a new cannabinoid is stepping into the spotlight – CBD (cannabidiol). Where THC provides a psychoactive […]


Oregon and the Giant Peach

The mission statement above, the sign that greets all who enter this sacred space, speaks volumes to the sheer weight of our summertime frolic symbolized by the peach. This place is the single greatest romance I have ever known, an event that is the spiritual manifestation of a welcoming tune playing faintly in the distance- […]

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Gentleman’s Blaze

Gentlemen’s Blaze is an online glass gallery that started out as a side hobby on Tumblr. It was, and still is, a website that showcases high-end smoking devices, blazers, and suits. The founder, Preston Chavez, always had a passion for cannabis and the arts. Over the years Chavez realized that a cannabis gentlemen’s club was […]

Tea and Weed Time

Bud & Breakfast

WEEKEND RETREAT Bud & Breakfast It’s here. Humboldt County’s first Bud & Breakfast. HIGHWAY 36 When a traditional bed & breakfast just doesn’t cut it, visitors will soon have the option to experience a magical getaway in the mountains of Humboldt County’s Highway 36.     While the owner of this soon-to-be Bud & Breakfast wishes […]


Emerald Get-Out-Guide

Benbow, California  Dana Murguia Assistance Columnist It’s that time of year when you are either boycotting Valentine’s Day and holing up with your own box of Partrick’s chocolates for the night, or searching feverishly for the perfect spot to take your special someone. Since 1926 the Benbow Inn has been the place for special occasions […]

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Locals Only!


Mountain Biker’s Paradise

  Mountain Biker’s Paradise by Vanessa Laird Are you looking for an epic adventure for you and your mountain bike this summer? Erupting out of the Lost Coast, the Kings Range mountains provide a slice of single-track paradise. The insurmountable beauty of the area combined with masterfully designed trails specifically for mountain biking create a spectacular […]


A Healthy Obsession: A Floating B&B

A Healthy Obsession By Benjamin Fordham   Whether it’s cruising around on a placid bay or braving the open ocean, sailing can be a wonderfully revelatory experience. With summer bathing us in golden light from above (wear sunscreen), there is no better time than now to enjoy our local waters in the S/V Obsession, Doby […]

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