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Humboldt Botanical Garden: Get Your Nature On

Humboldt Botanical Garden Get Your Nature On By Benjamin Fordham   Humboldt Botanical Garden Get Your Nature On As we hurry back and forth in our daily lives, it’s easy to mistake the rat race for reality. It’s not. Reality is plants and animals, the sun and sky. Reality is quiet, and peaceful. And if […]


Sherae O’Shaughnessy is F#?king Funny

Sherae O’Shaughnessy is F#?king Funny Have you ever wondered how turned on you could get by, “Quiet sex?” Have you ever put off breaking up because of your joint Netflix account? Have you ever laughed about the Salem witch trials? You will. Because it’s funny, people. In case you don’t think so, don’t worry. Sherae O’Shaughnessy and the Ba-Dum-Chh comedy […]

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The sun wasn’t shining as we walked along The limbs of trees hanging down To meet the others on the ground Reaching up, making walls Made by nature, big and tall The rays of sun did shine around On to my guardian angel on the ground Without her, where I’d be I don’t know But […]


Lizzie the Izzy

Lizzie the Izzy   Meet Lizzie. She’s the cream of the crop when it comes to Iguanas. This bearded lady is roughly 3 years old and is deeply loved by her owner. This Craigslist score found her way in to a new home back in 2011. Her quick feet can take off like a jack […]


Hammer Down

Hammer Down The sounds of the 101 North or South bound The engines working Howling as they go up hill They whine up As they go down it Loud are both lanes at the same time Big diesel sounds from a little tiny truck Yuk yuk yuk The motorcycles With no mufflers Cranking, shifting up Their just […]

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Bella   If you toss a stick She’s on it Lickedly split She won’t run unless you really throw it No pretend No tricking her Eyes always on it In with the stick Splash With a quick chomp of her teeth She’ll always brings it back Unless if it falls beneath a few kicks of her feet With the […]

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Driftwood How long did you live for How many years did it take you to grow To the big ole tree That we now see Half above the river Half below How long ago did you die? Did the ground wash out from under you? Struck by lightning, Insects under your bark Now you are naked Stark Not a […]


Bus or Bust

Bus or Bust Humboldt is a great county. It has beauty, uniqueness, history, and some of the best people any county could ask for. Humboldt also has one of the highest poverty and unemployment levels of any county in California. What Humboldt is missing, is a 21st century public transportation system. If we can provide […]

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Pepsi Blue and the Ferndale Police

Pepsi Blue and the Ferndale Police by Nathan Butler In the summer of 2004, I had perhaps one of the strangest encounters with the police of my life. It began, as so many things to do, with an ending. I was just coming back from Centerville beach with a few of my buddies in my […]

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And Then A Doula Was Born…

And Then A Doula Was Born Alison Jundt delivers it all…   We begin and end our lives in the hands of a caregiver, most important of this duo is the former. In ancient days, people called this career driven individual the “wise woman.” In Spain, she was called “comadra”, and in France, “Sage-femme.” But in the […]

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