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MY OPEN EYES To the young woman I call my padiwon. Moving away was right for me, but to you, I’m sure it seamed wrong. How long for the pain to go away, how long, how long. Slowly but surly making a place here for myself, on my own, using my hands, head, back and […]

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The Sea

The Sea The sounds of the sea are ever so tranquil to me. The smells of the sea smell mostly appealling to me, some are not so, of these we shall not go. The sight of the sea breathtaking hypnotic never ending to me. Constantly moving up down and back up again following the moon […]


Qualities of Enjoying the Eureka Nightlife

Qualities of Enjoying Eureka Nightlife Written by Bo Sarvinski The Nightlife of Eureka, California, can easily be taken advantage of. While Eureka is not as large or selective in establishments as some bigger cities are as far as Nightlife goes, there are a few ways of making it a lot better and enjoyable. Here are […]


Samuel Adams and The Lost Coast

Bostonian Night Life Has it…Eureka, Not So Much Written by Bo Sarvinski Cranberry Lambic. Ole Fezziwig. Cherry Wheat. Cream Stout. Honey Porter. Blackberry Witbier. White Ale. If thinking these fine flavors above were ice cream or root beer, you could not be more far from the truth. They are all a select elite of beers […]


Business Advocacy & Industry Work-Planning Committee

Lost Coast Brewery:  Tuesday, April 3, 6pm, Eureka City Council New brewing facility will support expanded production, greater efficiencies, and tours Will create 30 new jobs, which with the multiplier, will support at least 150 jobs in the local economy Location uses vacant land adjacent to commercial operations Location near Highway 101 LCB has made […]


The Atomic Hula 1966 (The Haight) – Chapter Two

The Atomic Hula Chapter Two 1966 By Mike Marino (Writer/Journalist)   North Beach is a bitch in heat, Old Italian’s and new bohemians make up the mix and sit at tables on the street and at smaller tables inside the bars. like Vesuvio’s, across the alley from the beat bookstore illuminated by the lights […]


The Leftovers

Often leftovers are never meant to end up on the same plate together…as they were once all part of very different meals. However, in bringing these different flavors together, an entirely new, delicious concoction can be created. The same holds true in music. The Leftovers band consists of four members with very different musical backgrounds. […]


Prosperity Marijuana Team Meeting 3/19/12

Humboldt County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Economic Impacts of Marijuana Industry Team Notes from 3/19/2012 Meeting Discussion of Organic and other Green, Environmentally Friendly Standards. “Clean Green” is a standard used at clinics. Proposal – Aim for Growing Products. Overview of 03/19/2012 Meeting Consensus Proposal #1 – Establishment of Community Based Venture Capital Fund to […]


Prosperity Marijuana Team Meeting 2/17/12

Humboldt County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Economic Impacts of Marijuana Industry Team Notes from 2/17/12 Meeting Plan for potential changes to legal status of marijuana cultivation/commerce Citizen Leader Prosperity Network Liaison Purpose: Explore ways that the overall Humboldt County economy can be strengthened in the wake of a changed status of marijuana. Design Challenge: What […]



Prosperity! Is an organization aimed to further develop Humboldt County’s local economy. Divided in to several groups, Prosperity maintains a goal oriented focus throughout each year.  The economic impact of marijuana in Humboldt County deserves recognition in its own right. The marijuana citizens group meets once a week. The follow notes are collected during each […]

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