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Humboldt Seed Company

We met in the coastal town of Arcata, California on a cool July morning for a drive up the mountain, and through northern Humboldt County. Winding up the mountain, the sun glistened on the river as we talked pot shop. Hours and many picturesque miles later, our farm tour team arrived at Humboldt Seed Company. […]


Maconha Seeds Bank

You may have heard of the Three Amigos. Get ready for the Triple Alliance of Seeds in Maconha Seeds Bank. Spain, Brazil, and Chile are serving up genes with bragging rights. No need to separate the boys and the girls when using their feminized seeds, and you can snooze through your early morning alarm clock […]


Mothers Genetics

A Passion for Seeds Takes Root   Mothers Genetics is an all-female run company that aspires to breed, preserve and sell rare cannabis seeds. The company celebrates the spirit and style of the founder’s mother, Angela Girling, a glamorous and rebellious dancer who made waves in the sixties throughout Europe.   “At a time when […]

emerald Hemp

Hemp and Ganja- Kissing Cousins? The Cross-Pollination Debate

“Absent intense research and collection of hard data that will be interesting to conduct as we move forward and funding becomes available, experts agree that a distance of ten (10) miles between hemp and marijuana fields is exceedingly appropriate to avoid cross-pollination.” While hemp and ganja are grown differently, and used for different purposes, they […]


Pot Talk: Sheshemani

“Yes, the untrimmed Sheshemani she shared with me is light and feathery, but not insubstantial. There are nice, pale greenish-brown, buds inside that outer, leafy layer.” Shashamane is a town in Ethiopia, just north of the equator in Eastern Africa. Sure, it’s a world away from the Emerald Magazine‘s Northern California home base in cannabis-central, […]

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The Cali Connection

True Breeds, World Class Seeds   The innovative world of cannabis cultivation is changing the landscape of the industry with the sheer diversity of breeds, brands and products. The possibilities are seemingly endless, but it all starts with a seed – and The Cali Connection is in the business of producing only the West Coast’s […]


The CBD Crew and You

Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a mouthful, a really great play in Scrabble and one of the most recognized psychoactive compounds in cannabis. It is logoed and popularized and is a central pursuit of many concentrate producers. Its medical applications are numerous and it’s recreational applications are off the charts. Cannabidiol. It too rolls off the tongue […]

The Emerald Magazine
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