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Cannabis activists have, and still do, make all the difference. But, to be an activist isn’t easy. Many have lost everything, and some never recover. Still, so many people support this plant. They share knowledge and information not for their own personal gain, but instead, to help others. People from all walks of life have […]

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Lessons in Herbal Remedies

In Redcrest, California, the view of the sky is wide open in nearly all directions; a hard sight to find in the Emerald Triangle. As one of the flatter areas of Humboldt County, this distinctive microclimate is ideal for farmland in a county known for its mountainous roads and sloping hills. On a late August […]


Alpenglow Farms

“Plants will talk to you. Start looking at the signs. It’s like when you go to the beach. You show up, and you’re facing the sun. Before you know it, you’re looking away from the sun. Then, you’re covering yourself from the sun, and finally walking away, retreating. Plants do the same thing.” Craig Johnson’s […]


Talking Mota on the Streets of Mexico

“The Mexican government’s shift to tolerance, rather than persecution, for cannabis and other drugs has left the people of Mexico confused…”   “I think it’s about time Mexico legalizes, because many people need it… Education is necessary, as many people still do not know about all the good properties of this plant. Education needs to […]


Wine + Weed: A Budding Future

Northern California’s natural resources are legendary.               The frothy whitecaps of the Pacific, towering coastal redwoods, cellar-worthy wines and the most heady, emerald nugs in the world. To the perception of tourists, wine and weed might hail from the same breadbasket. But for Cali natives and those working “in […]

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AnnaBis: Form, Fashion, and Freedom

Oscar Wilde said that fashion is beautiful, but useless.             When form follows function, it’s anything but.   As the designer handbag and accessory line, AnnaBis, demonstrates, high-quality design can offer style and utility.   “Women like to be organized. We like beautiful and useful things, [and] that’s what AnnaBis […]


Wildseed Oil Company

Sowing Social Justice with Terpene-Rich Cannabis Oil           Wildseed. It’s a beautiful name. Some wild seeds grow into weeds, spread or sown by the wind. Some weeds grow into medicine, spread or sown by knowledge, networks, and aid. Social justice is a major part of Wildseed Oil Company, whose two main […]

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On Point Farms takes its name from an expression commonly used to describe the products created by its owner, Rob Schultz. Written by Pete Powlovich   Located along the picturesque California Highway 299 in central Humboldt County, On Point Farms focuses on providing high quality medical cannabis products that work with the needs of the […]


Molecular Gastronomy Meets Cannabis

The opulent Chef, Michael Magallanes, brings new meaning to elevated dining. By Laura Matise He pulls from his years of experience in professional kitchens — most notably the Michelin-starred restaurants, Aziza and Mourad — where he worked alongside internationally renowned, and critically acclaimed, Chef Mourad Lahlou.   It was in these kitchens that Magallanes met […]


Dank Canvas

Come to Create or Medicate, Either Way, You Elevate Pink doughnuts in the sky and owl eyes, rise high with Dank Canvas, LA’s premiere puff and paint workshop. Jennifer Korsen started the cannabis infused art class in early March 2017. Dank Canvas appeared on my Instagram feed a few days before the event, and I […]

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