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Hall of Flowers

The inaugural Hall of Flowers launches this month and we’re looking forward to welcoming you.  Let’s get to know each other better.   Who are we?   We’ve been working on this trade show concept for over four years, perfecting the logistics, regulations, and invite list so that you, as a buyer, retailer, or distributor, […]


Terpenes and Terroir

A California Farm Dinner Inspired by a pioneer spirit and verdant agricultural landscape, California has always been the cultural home of the farm-to-table movement. Forty-seven years since Alice Waters opened Chez Panisse in Berkeley, people continue to identify California with food and wine that is refined yet unencumbered. On a kitchen table or restaurant menu, […]

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Tucked comfortably into the corner of a shopping center in Sebastopol, California Solful is both a retail dispensary and a friendly hub for customers. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see two large, bright blue birds sharing a cherry just outside their store — a metal art piece crafted by local artisan, […]

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Giggle Butter

Roller derby gets rough. That’s part of its charm, right? But when Ilana “Sugar” Laytart tore her MCL, a ligament in the knee, she needed relief. She couldn’t sleep, felt like she wasn’t healing well. Her husband suggested she try medical cannabis. She began using topicals and edibles, and was amazed at the experience. “I […]


The Emerald Cup Runneth Over

Twenty-one thousand cannabis lovers poured into the Sonoma County Fairgrounds to get their taste of The Emerald Cup this year. Some say the sheer size has changed the event’s character. But for me, The Emerald Cup will always be a family reunion and coming-out party for a long-hidden tribe of freethinking, earth-loving self-reliant outlaw farmers. […]


Redneck Hippies in Sonoma County

Redneck Hippies in Sonoma County Jennifer Molidor I love Sonoma County, where guns&ammo stores are located next to medical marijuana dispensaries. As the photographer of the image above notes “we’re a little bit redneck and a little bit hippie.” The Treehouse Having recently returned here from a decade of living in the Midwest, I am […]


Leaving Oz

Leaving Oz   By Jennifer Molidor Humor Columnist   I’ve just moved from the Heartland to Sonoma County. I’ve taught college courses in the Midwest for twelve years, but I was raised in the land of redwoods and fog, happy cows and drunken vineyards. My Midwestern students have suggested that people in Northern California live […]

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