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A Texans Risk of A Colorado Cannabis Vacation

Article submitted by Chris Hesse, Attorney 112 SW 8th Ave #617, Amarillo, TX 79101 Criminal defense, DUI and DWI, Federal crime, Appeals, Civil rights Colorado is now widely considered the center of what is being called “cannabis tourism.”  When Colorado made legal the recreational use of marijuana in 2014, tourists have been going there to get […]

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Chronic Relief

A Guide to Cannabis for the Terminally and Chronically Ill      It was a warm spring day in Austin, Texas three years ago when I was meeting up with Nishi Whitely and Chad Gouge. I sought them out as I began my journey of research on this plant and was thrilled to find her […]

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The Story of Our Hemp

…Once upon a time in a rich and verdant land…We achieved something that no one had ever accomplished before. It was a moment our founding team will remember forever: the moment that we grasped that first 30 pound bag of cannabis seeds in our hands. To anyone else, that bag wouldn’t cause even a blink […]

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Safe Place for Cannabis in Texas

“My mother has cancer and I’ve heard cannabis can help.”    This is how many conversations start for me every day. Even in the conservative state of Texas, residents are reading about the healing properties of cannabis and they are searching for a solution. Governor Abbott signed into law last year the Texas Compassionate Use […]


Texas Now Officially A Medical Marijuana State, Kinda…

Texas Cannabis Report In 2015 the Texas legislature set a record for cannabis related bills, and among them one made it through. The 12 bills, some identically introduced in both the House and Senate, covered penalty changes, medical cannabis, full legalization, and hemp. Some testimony went late into the night. With a strong showing at […]


Gourdough’s Public House

Gourdough’s Public House in Austin, Texas, a restaurant icon for the Lone Star State, makes people the desserts of their dreams. With more than a baker’s dozen doughnut selections, Gourdough’s will have you rolling out of the parking lot more blissed out than you were rolling the joint coming in. While cannabis is not directly […]


Texas Holiday Celebrations

Austin Texas can enjoy a high for the holidays. A high feeling helping the community in its efforts toward the legalization of cannabis in the great state of Texas. A great way to get this happy feeling is by attending the Texas NORML meeting that takes place the first Wednesday of each month. These meetings […]

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Harvest Your Appetite

November is the month for harvests of both cannabis and food crops alike. In Texas, November is the month to harvest beets, spinach, tomatoes and broccoli. Soon, hopefully, it will be time to legally harvest your homegrown, as well. Until then there are plenty of events taking place in the 512. This month is for […]

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The Oasis: Austin Leads Texas

  After talking to several people in the state of Texas, I’ve found that there is some confusion when it comes to CBD oil, hemp products, and cannabis products. Many of the people I spoke with say that CBD oil is already available and that anyone can access it in Texas. To a degree, they […]

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The Texas Marijuana Policy Project

The Marijuana Policy Project: Changing Texas Cannabis Laws The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has set up base camp in Austin, Texas. It’s no surprise that Austin was the top choice for this amazing group’s operations in Texas. Austin is like a state within a state according to those who live there. Statewide, possession of less […]

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