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Ventura County Cannabis

Will The Winds Shift?  By Paul Pot Nestled between the daily chaos of Los Angeles and the posh serenity of Santa Barbara lies Ventura County, California, an intentional slow growth county that has changed little since the heydays of surfers and Woodies. Geographically it includes the fertile crescent of the region known as the Oxnard Plain. […]

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Tangerine Cream Dream Farm

POT TALK Imagine you’re in the middle of a tangerine farm. Hundreds of rows of tangerine trees in every direction. Now imagine being really high in a Tangerine Dream Farm. Unlike any other strain I’ve come in contact with, Tangerine Cream smells exactly like tangerines. It has a light, fluffy feel that is immediately satisfying. […]

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The Neverending Hunt

Emerald Essence’s Search for Tomorrow’s Strains Emerald Essence has been quietly winning awards at California cannabis competitions over the last couple years for their sungrown flower and oils, but Vince Sims — CEO, COO and Lead Cultivator — said he’s not a “trend chaser” when it comes to the kinds of cannabis he grows on […]

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Tucked comfortably into the corner of a shopping center in Sebastopol, California Solful is both a retail dispensary and a friendly hub for customers. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see two large, bright blue birds sharing a cherry just outside their store — a metal art piece crafted by local artisan, […]

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The Plight of the Small Farmer

The Plight of the Small Farmer Persecution in the Face of Legalization   America was fed by small, ten-acre truck farms. They were local, you knew the farmer, and you knew where your food came from. In many rural areas the truck farmer still exists. While the local food movement began in the 1980s started […]

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