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Remembering the Life of Dennis Peron

The Emerald Magazine had the opportunity to learn more about Dennis by speaking with two of his dear friends. Behind the larger-than-life figure was a friend and mentor who touched the lives of many people in the cannabis industry. Laura Costa and Cara Cordoni share their stories of friendship with Dennis.


Creek Valley Cannabidiol

One Man’s Journey from Self-Sustenance to a Passion for Healing Others   Kyle Gruter-Curham went from science teacher to full-time farmer and is now is living the dream he never expected to be his calling. What is now Creek Valley Cannabidiol started when Kyle landed in the Northeastern Kingdom area of Vermont to study conservational […]


Cannabis Science Watch

Safety and Effectiveness of a CBD Supplement in Dogs with Osteoarthritis by Christine H of Help for Fido Despite their lack of psychoactive effect, strict limits have been imposed on federal funding of, and subsequent research in, virtually all aspects of cannabidiol (CBD) compounds because of their classification as Schedule 1 drugs. Most information on […]


So, You Want to Invest?

Written by Jeffrey Welsh and Justin Keller, Frontera Law Group You’ve heard that cannabis has been legalized for recreational use; you’ve seen billboards around town advertising cannabis delivery services; you’ve walked through the sleek, new dispensary that just opened; you’ve heard about cannabis companies going public in the U.S. and Canada and making millions. You’ve […]

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Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Awareness of the healing qualities of the Cannabis sativa plant has begun to spread, thanks to a better understanding of the various ways its derivative, hemp, can be employed within the medical community. More and more people are starting to see improvements in ailments that have plagued them, from anxiety to arthritis, through the use […]


Etain Health

This year, New York will likely become the 11th state in the U.S. to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use. The state currently has about 75,000 medical cannabis patients. In December 2018, its governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced his plan to bring the state into the retail market, a move that could generate more […]

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Mother’s Finest Seed Company

Cancer can strike any individual, regardless of age, gender or level of health. Scientists have identified the causes as well as the processes involved in this killer disease. Sadly, however, we still have a long way to go before the miracle of a cure is discovered. Among the most common forms is breast cancer. According […]

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Apothecary Extracts

Leads the Way in the Concentrates Business   Concentrates is an umbrella term for cannabis plant extracts. It comes in various forms and consistencies. Waxes, shatters, oils and dabs are among the many forms of concentrates that have become more popular these days with the help of laboratory technology. The earliest known concentrate manufacturing began […]


Hitting the High Points

A celebration of some of the high points in the long and twisted history of cannabis.   Is cannabis legal where you live? More and more Americans can say yes to that. That’s something to celebrate—the positive changes in cannabis laws, from greater medical access in many U. S. states to nationwide legalization as Canada […]


CannaGather: Bringing the Best of the Industry Together

The cannabis industry is getting bigger and better and is making waves in the global marketplace. According to Statista, U.S. retail sales of medical cannabis are projected to reach between $4.9 and $6.1 billion by next year. The U.S. consumer cannabis market is projected to reach $37.3 billion in combined recreational and medical sales. As […]

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