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Responsible Cannabis Consumption

Use for a Positive Change Written By Lucy Dagnillo, Greenlove Media | Photography By Kenesha Facello, Greenlove Media The Laws The question of responsible social consumption is starting to come up as more states begin to legalize cannabis. Whether you use it for medical or spiritual purposes, stress and anxiety, or to relax after a long […]

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Root Therapy

Full-Plant Spectrum, Down to the Ground Written by Sharon Letts Michigan resident, 42 year-old Michelle Saye, credits cannabis for saving her life; but she gives the most credit to the roots of the plant for her continued care after a devastating boating accident nearly caused her to lose her leg. “The summer of 2008, I […] (7)

Reserve OG

Written By brant hartsell Humboldt County Indoor’s Reserve OG flowers are truly a cannabis connoisseurs dream when it comes to exploring high-quality, hydroponically-grown strains. HCI utilizes absolutely zero pesticides, wastes no water, and is powered completely by renewable resources. This makes them a standout in the industry and leads to a noticeable difference in the […] (3)

Spiking Soil

Written by Brant Hartsell Spiked Soil’s Dirt Martini offers a simplified approach to successful gardening that any level of grower can implement. The state-of-the-art mixture of organic ingredients is guaranteed to make your plants so happy, you’d believe they were actually getting drunk from the Dirt Martini everytime you water them. The company offers supreme […]


Bull Run Craft Cannabis

A Story of Love, Friendship, and Some Damn Good Herb Written by Ashley Priest   The story of Bull Run Craft Cannabis started with the friendship between entrepreneur John Plummer, and master craft cannabis grower, Mike Scarborough. On their weekend sailing trips, it became apparent that Scarborough grew some of the dankest bud around. On […]



 JRollz -XXX OG Written By Amy C. Witt | @caliiforniadreamin Wednesday  – 9:15 p.m. – It’s been a long day. I’m stressed from working; trying to meet deadlines; conducting interviews; writing; making everyone happy; and maxing myself out at the gym. My body is beaten. Last night as well as today, I experienced extreme abdominal […]


The New Friday

Exquisitely Infused, Miro-Dosed Meals Written by Dean Sofer | Photography by @ChronVivant & @TheHerbSomm  San Francisco is one of the greatest cities to explore food. If you’re a foodie like me, you may have heard of the Naked Kitchen by the Opulent Chef. It’s an amazingly refined dining experience, hosted at the home of creator Michael Magallanes. This […] (4)

To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates

Craft Chocolates with Heart, and a Little Poetry… Written by Sharon Letts To Whom It May cannabis craft chocolate company is the love child of Tomer Grassiany. His fine, handcrafted chocolates are inspired by art, music, and poetry and muse with the universally familiar phrase “to whom it may” conceived for the customer’s desire for […]


The Consumer’s Guide to Buying Cannabis

If you’re a savvy shopper, you’re used to meandering the aisles with a keen eye. Spot a new, enticing flavor of cookie, and you’re soon inspecting the ingredients, searching for labels like “Fair Trade Certified” or “Certified Organic,” and raising an eyebrow to claims like “all natural.” You won’t see many of those familiar certifications […]

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High-End and Handcrafted

Historically, partaking of a fine cigar that’s hand-rolled with tobacco leaves was considered the height of sophistication. Add cannabis, and the experience is not only more healthful, it adds a new level of refinement to the cannabis industry’s high-end offerings. Handmade by skilled craftspeople, the cigar became a trademark of celebrities and politicians alike. A […]

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