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  In retrospect, I should have felt alarm. I might have suspected that nothing would ever again be quite the same. But it all began innocently enough. July 30, 2015, after a splendid day tending the weed at five thousand foot elevation in the mountains of Humboldt County, California, a light show began in the […]

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The Stonely Planet

The Emerald’s Humor Guide to Trimmigrant Culture Trimmigrants are an interesting and diverse crew who flock here to take part in autumn bounty, lending their own agricultural stylist techniques to a grow operation near you. Whereas once it was damn near exotic to have an Oregonian helping tend the fields, so to speak, now you’re in […]

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Photography by Sharon Letts It was as if the local cafe has been lifted out of Garberville and transported to Rome or Paris. Italian is the language at a table of eight with their large backpacks piled in a corner. Nearby, a young couple converse in French, and several other tables are populated with Spanish-speaking […]

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