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Bringing It Full Circle in Trinity County!

Bringing It Full Circle in Trinity County!     By Dave Feral | Photos by Desiree Coutinho   Many of us can agree, a connection to our land and our food is vital to building a healthy community.  This year the folks at Full Circle Farm in Trinity County are offering a chance for you to […]


Dogwood Estate Winery

Dogwood Estate Winery   By Michael Martino As the first winery to be reviewed by the Emerald Magazine outside of Humboldt County, we could not be more excited to present to our readership the Dogwood Estate Winery located in sunny Trinity County just near the town of Salyer. Founded by Gary and Pam Barker, the […]


Mountain Biker’s Paradise

  Mountain Biker’s Paradise by Vanessa Laird Are you looking for an epic adventure for you and your mountain bike this summer? Erupting out of the Lost Coast, the Kings Range mountains provide a slice of single-track paradise. The insurmountable beauty of the area combined with masterfully designed trails specifically for mountain biking create a spectacular […]


Santa Barbara: Chocolate Massage Anyone

Santa Barbara: Chocolate Massage Anyone    The mission of Santa Barbara, like all California’s mission strung out along the Camino Real the length of the Golden State, were established so that the Spanish Main could lay it’s royal claim and mark it’s territory in the New World. The missionaries along with a conquistador or two […]


Tied to a Tree

Tied to a Tree How quickly rumors travel Someone makes a claim which then gets passed along like a football on the field. It’s hard to get people to go on record for something “that they heard.” This rumor was unlike any other I had heard before. And since no one wanted to go on […]


Small Towns and Rural Communities

Small Towns and Rural Communities Saving America’s Soul one Micro-Brew at a Time In the 20th century, we saw the sharpest decline in rural and small communities in the history of human existence. The hardship, lack of opportunity and big city luxury drove people to seek the faster paced lifestyle of the cities. This has […]

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