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Wine + Weed: A Budding Future

Northern California’s natural resources are legendary.               The frothy whitecaps of the Pacific, towering coastal redwoods, cellar-worthy wines and the most heady, emerald nugs in the world. To the perception of tourists, wine and weed might hail from the same breadbasket. But for Cali natives and those working “in […]

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New Zealand’s Martinborough

VINUM, ET AL My husband and I just returned from a two-week trip to New Zealand’s North Island. My roots are Kiwi – my dad was born in Wellington and I lived in Nelson (located on the South Island) for a handful of years. The biggest reason for the journey was to see family, have […]

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White Wine Profiles

VINUM, ET AL White Wine Profiles Most white wines of the world are stainless tank fermented and aged. They should be consumed within 18 months after bottling. That in mind; make it a habit to look at the vintage every time you buy a bottle of white wine.  In this consumer-tip column, I am taking […]


Speaking of Wine…

The vernacular of wine is like any other profession or hobby that has its own language.  If you’ve ever sat in on an environmental engineering meeting or tagged along to band rehearsal, the acronyms and clipped technical terms can leave you feeling a bit isolated in the room.   Below are some common terms that […]



Winter cuisine in my house means a constant parade of spicy concoctions – soups, stews, and goulashes made with any number of foraged fridge, veggies and various leftovers that are usually on the brink of heading to the rubbish bin. What can I say? My mom was a WWII generation Scott and nothing went to […]



Champagne, real Champagne from the Champagne region of France est très chère — it’s very expensive. In my experience, Champagne priced under $50 is money down the drain. New baby? Huge career promotion? Yeah, fork out the cash and buy the good stuff, otherwise don’t bother. The good news is that there are heaps of […]


VINUM, ET AL: Wines, Waves, Wilderness…Weed

Wine ~ Waves ~ Wilderness.  That’s the Slogan You See on a Billboard on Highway 101 Near the Sonoma / Mendocino County Line. When I drive by the billboard, I can’t help but verbally augment the slogan with Weed.  It sounds so much more poetic with the added syllable. It just begs the excess of alliteration […]

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Cannabis with Class: The Emerald Magazine’s 2nd Annual Pot Pairing

With heaping bowls of cannabis on every table, you could smell the enthusiasm of the guests in the air almost as strongly as the Loleta cheese and Sunrise Mountain Farms’ Lemon Kush at The Emerald Magazine’s Second Annual Pot Pairing. The pairing went off without a hitch on Saturday, September 10, 2016. With an array of […]


Wine Distributor Dump

A good wine list doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be, well, good. It’s a lot to ask for in most towns and cities across the country. Exceptions include world-class wine regions like Sonoma and Napa Valley. Otherwise, most wine lists are “distributor driven.” A distributor is the middle man. Some distributors […]

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Humboldt’s Craft Beverage Highlights

Humboldt County gets a lot of tourists coming to Northern California this time of year.  Many come to get away from the heat, while many come to get away from general urban madness.  As I like to tell folks who have never visited the area:  “There’s not a lot of people or traffic, and we […]

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