CBDistillery (CBD Expo Booth 702) is the Fastest Growing CBD Co.

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Denver, CO – CBDistillery is one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing distributors and retailers of hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) products. Founded by a group of Colorado natives, CBDistillery is at the epicenter of the booming CBD industry, leading the charge for product innovation, establishing industry standard pricing, educating consumers, and providing the most up-to-date industry news.

With the U.S. Senate recently voting to legalize hemp and the CBD eCommerce market expected to reach the $3 billion mark by 2021, the buzz about hemp-derived CBD has never been louder and the conversation about this naturally occurring compound has never been more positive. There are more questions than ever and CBDistillery is here to answer all of them and debug the myths surrounding this gift from nature.

“Seeing an industry that was really overcharging consumers, we focused on becoming a company for the people by bringing the highest quality CBD to the world at affordable prices. Here at CBDistillery, our goal is not just to provide exceptional products and service, but to also offer access to education, research and testimonials.”

Chase Terwilliger, CEO of CBDistillery

CBD in a Nutshell

Cannabidiol, or CBD is a non-psychoactive, naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants which has been turning heads due to its health and wellness benefits combined with its potential to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. This naturally occurring compound, which comes in a variety of different products, is extracted from the hemp and marijuana plants which are both members of the cannabis family. Studies and customer testimonials indicate that CBD oil has the potential to support the vital communication network, the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating many essential functions throughout your body. Unlike THC, the compound associated with cannabis’ psychoactive properties, CBD has many medicinal and therapeutic benefits without causing consumers to feel “high.”

CBD is great for anyone looking for an alternative, natural option to conventional medicine.

Although there are a multitude of CBD products available on the market, CBD oil tends to be the most popular product among users. CBD oil is beloved for its easy-to-use formula and high bioavailability. Touted for its many effects on the body and mind, people use CBD oil for a variety of reasons — most often to increase general health and wellbeing.

CBDistillery offers the highest quality hemp-derived CBD oils, isolates, capsules, vape products, edibles, wax and more! They are not only the premier e-commerce site for CBD, but they also provide products for wholesale, white and private labels.

Their bestselling product is the 1,000 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture. From what customers say, they love this product because of its potency (1,000 mg!), its price compared to competitors, and the fact that it is a “full-spectrum” product meaning they get the advantage of a whole plant extract and what is known as the “entourage effect.”

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