CCFF 2018 Colorado Springs 8/31 & Denver 9/1

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All films screening once in Colorado Springs and Denver locations.

Friday August 31st 2018 – Speakeasy Vape Lounge & Cannabis Club – Colorado Springs 7PM-9:30PM Screening ONE 10PM-12:30AM Screening TWO

Saturday September 1st 2018 – The Coffee Joint – Denver 5:30PM-8:30PM Screening ONE 9PM-12AM Screening TWO

Not in Order of Appearance:

Beginning of the Road by Jeremiah Jake Thompson (Short Film/Documentary/US CA) There are a group of Veterans in Norther California that have been self medicating their PTSD with Cannabis. They were seeking treatment from the Department of Veterans Affairs however they medications prescribed to them there deprived them of any emotions. Wanting to actually be able to life a life they sought out other means and found cannabis. They problem they face is that cannabis is still illegal federally and the VA will not provide them with the medication that best works for them. Director: Jeremiah Jake Thompson

Crowdpay by Victoria Sutton (Short Documentary/US) In a real world drama, three guys set out to change the financial services world with a new cryptocurrency, blockchain and point of sale system with a cyber startup. In a turn of parody, they find their startup tracks the comedy series, Silicon Valley, and its characters. Director: Victoria Sutton Writer: Victoria Sutton

Dependence by Cris Thorne (Short Narrative/US NJ) Despite peer pressure, Zee has managed to live drug free, but he now finds himself immersed in his girlfriend’s family that favors “self-medication” over therapy. Director: Cris Thorne

Dude, Where’s My Ferret? by Alison Parker (Short Film/Comedy/BC CAN) One stoner’s quest to win a cannabis growing contest is jeopardized by his dream girl’s mischievous ferret. Director: Alison Parker

Growing Community by William Levin (Short/Animation/Comedy/US NYC) It’s the semi-autobiographical story of a middle-aged, work-from-home Park Slope dad who decides, amid shifting public opinion about marijuana, to become a semi-stoner himself, and – why not! – even grow a few plants in the window of his own Brooklyn brownstone. Steve sees the results of his fledgling seeds. Director: William Levin

Hollyweed by Kevin Smith (Short/Comedy/US CA) Two potheads navigate the ups and downs of managing a small business in their quest for profits and the perfect bud. Director: Kevin Smith

Pitching Tents (Feature/Comedy Drama/US CA) A mysterious goddess, a vulgar guidance counselor and a no-nonsense father all want to help Danny figure out his future while he sneaks off to the woods for THE party of 1984, packed with beer, babes and bud! Director: Jacob Cooney Key Cast: Michael Grant – DANNY Jim Norton – MR. MULLIGAN Booboo Stewart – TODD Jonathan Lipnicki – SCOTT

Recalculating by Diane Weis (Short Film/Comedy/ US CA) Two stoners are on their way to a party when their GPS malfunctions and things take a turn for the worse. Director: Diane Weis

The Hemp Road Trip by DJ Nicke (Feature/Documentary/US) Travel around the United States on a ‘Hemp bus’ with Rick Trojan, as he interviews, educates and inspires people on the subject of Hemp. Director: DJ Nicke

Toy Lords of Chinatown by the Sucklord (Short/Action/Comedy/US NYC) A series from Suckadelic depicting the Supervillain bootleg wars below Canal Street. This multi-part epic begins to explain the backstory of the mysterious SUPER SUCKLORD and his enemies as he tries to hold his position of Action Figure King on the mean streets of New York City’s Chinatown. Director: Sucklord

WHERE ARE WE? (Short Film/Comedy Parody/US CO) A group of stoner get high during a stake-out, leading to disastrous results. Director: Luke Ostermiller

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