Compost Tea for Victory!


Compost Tea for Victory

   “Can you drink it?”  is the question  sometimes asked when promoting it to an unsuspecting third party. The reality is that compost tea is a relatively old farming practice getting a modern makeover. Compost tea recipes range far and wide, and can be tailored to remedy particular health issues or nutrient requirements for plants.

  Making excellent compost tea starts with good compost and quality ingredients. When brewing with high quality ingredients, you help populate diverse groups of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. The best way to describe it is “probiotics for plants!”

  The benefits of compost tea point clearly to farming systems that works symbiotically with the land. These include:

Using less fertilizers & maximizing nutrient uptake

Working synergistically with biological pest controls

Recharging the old soil with fresh microorganisms. Increasing water holding capacity of soils. Building farmable horizons of poorly structured soils

The main setback that deters new users from trying tea is the complexities involved with brewing it.

image6  To remedy this situation, a local company called Humboldt Earth Technologies (HET) was formed in January 2015. In March 2015, HET launched a new app called The Original Compost Tea Calculator™ (CTC).  What makes this so revolutionary is that the CTC is the first of its kind, almost a paradox in the app world. It represents an entry in a new class of apps developed for both novice and experienced horticulturalists.  Guided by the idea to make compost tea easier to make, the app provides tried and true recipes and an entire how-to guide for the inexperienced compost tea crafter.

  HET is putting a stamp on Humboldt County by ushering in a new era of mobile gardening software.Products like HumTea from Cutting Edge Solutions, Sea Green from the Beneficial Biologics and the Bubble Snake from TeaLab have carved out a nice niche in the compost tea industry.

  HET has plans for a handful of other apps all related to the farm and garden industry.  An active search is currently underway for investment partners who wish to support the growth of this marketplace. This app and the others on the way are the forefront of innovation, and can help facilitate a new era of organic farming for all scales of industry. Furthermore, the business is locally based and sales of the app worldwide filter into Humboldt and are deposited in the local credit union.

While some think of compost tea as a panacea for agriculture, others scoff and simply discount it at nothing more than hippy tea. One thing is for certain, with the newly emerging markets in the cannabis industry and demands for remedies in commercial agriculture, the compost tea industry has permanently rooted into the ground of Humboldt County.


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