How long did you live for
How many years did it take you to grow
To the big ole tree
That we now see

Half above the river
Half below

How long ago did you die?
Did the ground wash out from under you?

Struck by lightning,
Insects under your bark

Now you are naked


Not a single piece of bark anywhere do i see

Has it been long since you were dead
Or did you live longer in that space marked time

As to the day you came crashing down
Your roots are beautiful
So must have been your crown

So many years above ground
Halfway out to sea
A long time left

When will you be underwater with all the rest that hitchhikes its way in to Humboldt Bay
So slowley to decay
How many years will you be driftwood in a natural beautiful way for all of us to see
Enjoy your beauty until the day you are thrust out to sea
Returning to earth
You big ole tree

A poem by Joseph Walter

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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