Hammer Down

Hammer Down

The sounds of the 101
North or South bound
The engines working
Howling as they go up hill

They whine up
As they go down it

Loud are both lanes at the same time
Big diesel sounds from a little tiny truck
Yuk yuk yuk
The motorcycles
With no mufflers
Cranking, shifting up
Their just going by
All day n all night

Then the on ramp
Going south
Just behind the house
When one of those aforementioned said
“Noisemakers am or pm”
Getting on the ramp doesn’t matter to them when im asleep
With a house to sell

I should move in with the sheep
They’re quieter to count when trying to sleep

Eighteen wheelers…
They are not so loud
Actually working, towing a heavy loads up hill or down
With their monotone sound…

Loud are the little trucks.
With diesel motors.
North or South

It does serve as a main vien to travel
Through town, I’m on it myself
When I go to town
I look for the fast path to get around


Hard to get along without it
But a sound of silence
Or lack there of
When not in either lane
Sitting still on the couch
Quiet as can be
When nobody in it..

Grey and shiny
Making its way through
Humboldt County

A poem by Joseph Walter 

Photo courtesy of Stock.Xchng

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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