Happy 4-20!

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April is here again with another 4/20 celebration just around the corner. These days, there are so many cannabis events happening in our county and all over the nation that it is impossible to attend each and every one.

   On February 20th, the 2nd Annual Ganjier Spring Kick-Off in Redway was a huge success.  The week following, on February 26th-27th, HSU Sociology Professor, Karen August, put together a cannabis seminar for her students. The seminar included law enforcement, business folk, scientists, and yes, even lawyers. In addition, Paul Hagen, an environmental and cannabis licensing attorney, touched on the new regulatory scheme and culture shift coming to our community, and I had the honor of speaking about the Fourth Amendment and cannabis. HSU Professor Tony Silvaggio’s talk outlining the new laws preceded mine. Presenting after Tony is like being a rock band having to follow the Beatles. Despite this setback, the talk went well. There were so many bright, articulate and engaged students asking good questions that I hardly had to do any work. Hats off to the next generation!

   Lisa Sundberg spoke on tribal issues surrounding cannabis, while Lelehnia DuBois of Humboldt Grace spoke passionately about the plant and our future. She even brought a super smart scientist from New England —  John MacKay — to present on extracts. A lot of the content went over my head, but man, was MacKay smart and hilarious!

    On March 12th I dropped by the “Weed for Warriors” event up at Moonstone Beach. Graham Shaw of Graham’s Brand, one of the sponsors of the event, invited me. If you do not know Graham, he is a very energetic and talented cultivator. At least fifty or more of our Veterans where there who attended for free.  The idea was to raise money to get as much free medicine to them as possible.  Chef Nugs, Humboldt Mantis Farms, Peak Vape, Mycofusion, Mill’s Nutrients, WeedWithoutLimits, and Kind Solutions (I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone) all pitched in too.  There were silent auctions, booths, samples and food… a good time had by all.  Renowned farmer, Kevin Jodrey, addressed the group giving words of wisdom and motivation as he always does.  And if that weren’t enough, the heavens opened.  The hail was so heavy at times a conversation became impossible.  All one could do was watch the torrential rain fall as it  turned a bumpy parking lot into a lake.

Next stop, Cannifest at the Fairgrounds in Eureka

April 16-17th!

   It is amazing to look at how far the industry has come in just one year. The lightning fast innovations sweeping cannabis culture prompted one of my colleagues to compare ‘cannabis years’ to ‘dog years.’ In other words, one year is like seven. It seems that change is happening so quickly, it is hard to keep up. And yet, with all the changes, some things continue to stay the same. Mother Earth maintains her same rhythm of planting and harvest which demands the time and sweat of our farmers.

   If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the new laws and regulations which now fall on top of the day-to-day challenges of being a farmer, you are not alone.  Many of my clients feel the same way. My best advice is to get to one of the several free Cannabis Workshops which EPIC is helping put together.

Go online and check it out.

For the Cannabis Workshop Series, visit:

Facebook.com/Cannabis-Farmer-Workshop-Series OR WildCalifornia.org, (707) 822-7711

These are free and open to the public.

Workshops are from 11AM – 6PM and include music, food and social hour.

There are three remaining in the month of April:

4/3 Mattole River at Mattole Grange

4/17 Eureka at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds AT CANNIFEST!!

4/24 Ruth Lake Community Services Hall

Until then, Happy 4/20!

Image by DevilsLettucePH

Image by DevilsLettucePH

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