iSum Revamped Website’s Look in Celebration of Hemp Legalization

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IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — iSum, one of today’s fastest growing online biohacking libraries, has just revamped its website in celebration of hemp legalization in the United States. The redesign features minimalist layout that looks both contemporary and functional.

The company has its roots in the biohacking industry, but it appears that they are now strongly focused on developing their Cannabis Library Wing. With more and more engaging, educational content developed on a regular basis, the iSum’s transformation was just a matter of time.

Now, visitors can easily browse through different categories and enrich their knowledge of cannabis, hemp, and CBD to prepare themselves for groundbreaking changes in the industry.

iSum’s library is updated with recent reviews of the best CBD oil products, news on international cannabis regulations, and science-based articles on the medical benefits of CBD.

Wondering about the most delicious CBD gummies? Need CBD oil to treat anxiety or pain? Worry not, the guys at iSum have got you covered via one of their CBD buying guides:

The company has come up with a genuinely intuitive interface that allows visitors to conveniently jump between different sections — from biohacking guides to CBD reviews.

“Recently, we have witnessed groundbreaking changes in the cannabis industry. Hemp has become commercially legal, which means the world to biohackers and cannabis advocates. When we heard about Congress passing the Farm Bill 2018, we were thrilled. We felt the urge to improve something from its roots; it became obvious that our website needs a revamp.” said James Reed, the co-founder of iSum.”

“Browsing the web today is all about User Experience. You can have the most kick-ass content, but if you let the chaos reign on your website, you’re doomed forever. We’ve always had this image of iSum in our heads where people can feel as if they walked into a modern library where everything is handed to them on demand. The federal legalization of hemp means new standards for the CBD industry and we want to keep up with the rapid changes — hence the revamp.”

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