Life on the North Coast

Life on the North Coast

Here are some

Of the things

I like the most.

To be reminded
Just how majestic
Compared to most
The size and life
Of the redwood tree
The shape and size
Of the mountainous terrain
Enjoying the many
Trails that cross them
Pumping the blood
Through my vain
With a little
Extra joy to see
The smiling friendly
People saying hello
When we pass
With honest regard
Not kiss my ass
The amazing food
All variety and style
In my belly yum
On my face
A really big smile
The thought
Of living free
To do what is illegal
In other parts
Of this great country
Just walking down
The street or sittin’
On a beach
Pick a seat
So many to reach
By car by foot
Even by boat
Is hard to believe
The talent
That flows
So naturally
When surrounded
By a place
So beautifully
Touched by all
Who call
Humboldt County

A poem by Joseph Walter

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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