May 2017

This month, we dive into the emerging trend of combining can- nabis and yoga. Although mixing the two is an ancient practice, the green rush has re-energized the ganja-yoga movement and brought it to the forefront in a modern way.

As those of us at the Emerald know, there are many ways to incorporate cannabis into a healthy lifestyle – including into our fitness routines. Among it’s many benefits are enhanced mindfulness, community building, and pain relief. However, in such pieces
as “Can I Lighten Up on the Way to Enlightenment,” and “Lord of Bhang,” we discover a long – and controversial – history between the plant and the practice.

Aside from this history, cannabis and yoga have many things in com- mon; both have garnered populari- ty recently. Rural and urban events, such as Wanderlust 108, and the Ganja Goddess Getaway, give opportunities for wellness-centered gatherings.

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