May 2018

Activists, actors, and artists alike have found common ground through this herb and have become a force in the movement. With determination, many have made it their mission to reinvent its reputation. American country singer, Willie Nelson, is one of those people with a mission. Through his experience farming as a youngster in Texas, he’s sympathetic to the plight of the cannabis farmer. That’s why as his brand -- Willie’s Reserve -- expands into California, he has decided to source his products through small farmers in the Emerald Triangle, delivering the reputable flower the world has come to know. Read more about Willie, and his reserve.

Like Willie Nelson, through music, medicine and more, cannabis can start to take shape in areas where it was once challenged. In “Will A Port Go To Pot?” we take a look at the Southern California town of Port Hueneme, the green oasis of Ventura County.

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