To the young woman I call my padiwon.

Moving away was right for me, but to you, I’m sure it seamed wrong.

How long for the pain to go away, how long, how long. Slowly but surly making a place here for myself, on

my own, using my hands, head, back and feet. Seeing you again I cannot wait…

Cannot wait to wrap my arms around you

To see you for real with my open eyes

My young padiwon, my friend, my daughter

For a time tooo long its been since the last day I shed a tear for you.

As I drove away I missed you, as I have each and every day since.

So glad I am to hear you’ve been found by someone you can hold dear.

I’m so far away but my thoughts of you are so very near, to reach out and hug you I could. Plain

as day holding you I beg you to stay, yet I wake up to find that it’s me whose moved away.

Not soon enough to see you again my young padiwon, my daughter, my friend.

Loved you are from so very far away, each and every night and day.

A Poem Written by Joseph Walter

Mckinleyville, California

Photos courtesy of Lance Drill.

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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