Pot Talk: Healing Harvest Farms

Written by Emily Hobelmann

Healing Harvest Farms (HHF) medical cannabis dispensary is located along Highway 101 in lush and beautiful northern Mendocino County, California. This “community collective” dispensary was founded by Tim Blake, a long-time cannabis farmer and the man who started the Emerald Cup — a NorCal cannabis competition that
culminates in a two-day mega-fair every

HHF offers organic sun grown cannabis at reasonable rates. Some of the medicinal cannabis is grown by collective members; some by Healing Harvest Farms itself. They also offer edibles, concentrates, seeds, topicals and accessories. You can find the Emerald Magazine there too! HHF also hosts regular farmers markets which feature cannabis, other produce, artisans, educators and live music.

Their Budtender Sam Gordon provided me with three cannabis flower samples for this edition of Pot Talk: Blue Kush, Long Valley Royal Kush (LVRK) and Jahgoo OG. Gordon went for the full spectrum of effects with the samples, a sativa, an indica and a hybrid. All of the samples were grown from seed.

To clarify, the term hybrid means the strain is descended from some combination of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. When strains are straight up referred to as indica or sativa, they are often actually indica-dominant or sativa-dominant hybrids. In this particular context, hybrid is used to indicate a strain that is a more balanced or even combination of indica and sativa. In general, sativa-dominant strains are understood to be more energetic and “cerebral” — they are uplifting and induce a change in consciousness, whereas indica-dominant strains induce a “body high” — they are good for relaxation and pain relief.

Blue Kush is the sativa-dominant sample, it’s Skunk and Blue Dream crossed with Cherry Creek OG. Gordon says it’s similar in smell to Blue Dream, so it’s got that element of familiarity and it’s something people recognize and understand. LVRK is the middle ground — a hybrid grown by Healing Harvest Farms from seed stock provided by Aficionado. The lineage is Sour Diesel x Garberville Purple Kush x Highland Afghani. Jahgoo OG is the indica-dominant sample, the progeny of Afgoo. Gordon advised of its sedative effects and pointed out its mixed purple and green colors and creamy, cool smell.

Blue Kush

Blue Kush

Of the three strains, this was my favorite because it of its dreamy smell and powerful effect. It’s got this seriously potent orange aroma with savory and piney kush notes coming through. The color is a light green melange, and when freshly ground it has the bright and light green shade of an unripe pear. Rust to amber colored hairs are lightly dispersed throughout each crisp and snappy nug.

The flavor is like Sweet Tarts and Neapolitan Sherbet, blueberries and raspberries; yogurt too… A lot of fun but borderline metallic. I loved the BK’s rich smoke and two puffs had me solidly electrified — super power in a cannabis flower. I smoked it before exercise; but then my jog got delayed because I couldn’t stop examining all the samples. When I did eventually make it out for a jog, I got creative and sought out obstacles to challenge myself — there’s that sativa-cerebral element.

I did get extreme munchies with the BK, and it made me verbose and kind of all over the place. While the effect was powerful, I remained lucid and overall I felt a general sense of well being. It eased my anxiety, not something sativas are touted for.

Long Valley Royal Kush

Long Valley Royal Kush

LVRK is on the mustard green side in color; even on the order of chartreuse. It’s got a furry matte look that reminds me of the hills of northern Mendocino where this strain was bred to meet its highest potential. The hairs are also a matte color, more tan and brown than orange or red. I found the nugs to be on the spongy side, as opposed to crisp and snappy.

The LVRK has a ripping pungent old school smell — I get a strong fuel aroma with floral notes of rose geranium. It’s got a nice and earthy dirt funk to it too. It is a lovely smoke that doesn’t taste “chemy” at all, and, for me, the floral flavor carried over most clearly.

I like the pleasant, functional and even-keeled high from this strain too. It didn’t make me as scattered as the Blue Kush and damn, does this cannabis have some longevity to it! One session with the LVRK left me feeling the effects for a solid six hours. Usually I have to smoke every couple hours to maintain a high; this was not the case with LVRK. I’d like to spend some more time with LVRK and its cousins in the future.



Jahgoo OG is on the dark to army green side in color with purple flare, and the pale, slightly pinkish hairs really jump out at you. The sample nugs showcased a full spectrum of greens with a regular distribution of yellows and purples, like the outside of itty bitty pineapples. There is great color contrast between the top of each sugar leaf (more emerald green) and the trichome-covered bottoms (dark yellow to light green).

This sample is on the spongy side too. It doesn’t have a giant bouquet or a strong barnyard smell, but it is musky and smells of eucalyptus, even rubbing alcohol. There’s a hint of sweet citrus too. I chose to sample the effect of this indica-dominant strain in the evening and, sure enough, the Jahgoo guided me to bed at a particularly early hour. Yes, I slept like a rock.

The Jahgoo sample is captivating in appearance and a solid sedative as well. And I just love its expressive hairs! This is another strain that I’d like to revisit.

Big thanks and shout out to the folks at Healing Harvest Farms for their bottomless hospitality and enthusiasm for the healing aspects of cannabis.

Find them on Instagram or at healingharvestfarms.org.

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