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The Emerald is a consumer-based cannabis magazine for culinary, recreational and lifestyle trends. Content features industry events, travel destinations, rising trends, recreational, medicinal use, and product reviews. Emerald readers are proactive individuals that have a personal and vested interest in the industry. The magazine additionally captures the engagement of non-industry readers who share wellness, economic and environmental interests.

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Advertising Options 

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Website Advertising

Display Ads

• Leaderboard Ad: Exclusive banner ad placement on the top of Emerald’s homepage.

• Banner Ad: Horizontal banner ad placement on the homepage of Emerald’s website.

• Skyscraper Ad: Vertical ad with right side placement on the website.

• Box Ad: Rectangular ad on the homepage of the Emerald’s website.

Article Ad: Captivate readers attention with your digital ad that’s placed right within the story.

Logo Placement: Display your company logo, and be seen on the right side of all digital content.


Sponsored Content

A sponsored post is a great way to give readers interesting insights about your business while enticing them to learn know more about the company.

A sponsored post is a special promotion that offers advertisers a chance to blend hard and soft advertising together in a narrative form.

The post will effectively highlight the company as an exciting, culture-rich and progressive business.


Feature Interview


Get interviewed by the Emerald, and speak directly to the audience through a combination of hard and soft advertising in a story form.


Feature Profile

Feature your company with a story that appears as a “press release,” on the latest news, background, mission, vision, and interesting facts about the company.

E-Mail Advertising

Newsletter Ad

Display a digital ad in the Emerald’s newsletter that links readers back to your site.


Newsletter Banner Ad

Direct traffic to your business by displaying a banner ad across the header of the newsletter.


Newsletter Post Inclusion

Include your company, info and website in your own unique content box on the digital newsletter.



With over 10,000+ digital subscribers, send your message out directly to our readers.

Combined Advertising Packages


Sponsored Post + Social Media Inclusion (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)



Sponsored Post + Social Media Inclusion (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) + Newsletter Inclusion



Sponsored Post + Social Media Inclusion (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) + eBlast

Print Advertising

“Precision Extraction’s exposure via Emerald Magazine is a proven asset to our business. We greatly enjoy working with Emerald Magazine’s team of industry professionals in the furtherance of our marketing objectives and intend on being loyal advertisers for years to come.”

– Nick Tennant, Managing Member

Half-Page Advertisement

Represent your company with a half-page ad for one, three, six or 12 months. Full color ad at no additional charge.


Full-Page Advertisement

Take the stage with a full-page ad for one, three, six or 12 months. Full color ad at no additional charge.


Feature Advertisement

The Feature-Ad is a special promotion which offers advertisers a chance to blend hard and soft advertising into a two-page narrative spread. The Feature-Ad is a feature story about the advertiser’s business (background, mission, vision, interesting facts, interviews with local owners, etc.) All 12-month advertising commitments come with a complimentary feature ad.


Graphic Design


When you look good, you feel good. Don’t have an ad made already? No worries, we’ve got you covered by our in-house designers at a rate of $30/hr.
Ad design typically takes 1 hour +/- depending on size.


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