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We at the Emerald like to review products we know our readers will use. That’s why we often pull items out of our own supplies to analyze for our audience; like skincare products we use for our own skin conditions, pre-rolls or hangover cures. This week, I’m pulling one of my favorite shirts from my closet because I know our readers can make use of it for years to come. 

By Melissa Hutsell


Not all T-shirts are created equal, especially when hemp—one of nature’s most eco-friendly materials—is woven in. 

Hemp is naturally antibacterial and UV protectant, making it one of the “smartest” materials on the market. It’s soft, sustainable and incredibly durable—if you’ve ever purchased clothing made from hemp, chances are you still have it (I’ve still got my 15+ year-old hemp belt). 

My partner and I were each gifted a hemp tee from The Hemp Trading Co., aka THTC, a few months ago, and they’ve quickly become some of our favorite items of clothing. 

THTC is a UK-based, eco-friendly apparel company established in 1999. The company has several different clothing lines (even socks and underwear!) that feature partnerships with artists including UB40, and NGOs like the Refugee Community Kitchen, and Orangutan Foundation.

When we first got our tee’s, the screen printing seemed a little bold. But after the first wash, it faded just right. After six months and several washes, it has yet to crack, peel or change at all since the initial wash. 

My tee features a Mau Mau original that reads “Get Rich or Try Sharing,” made with a blend of 52% hemp, 43% organic cotton and 5% lycra. I typically wear a women’s medium, but request large with gifts just in case. It fits me loosely, but it isn’t too baggy (i.e. i’m not swimming in it). It’s perfect for lounging in, and is so light and breathable that it has become my go-to T-shirt during the triple digit degree summers in California. 

Because this isn’t a basic tee, it’s simple to create a complete look that’s edgy and expressive. It’s easy to make into a casual fall or winter look by accessorizing with a scarf, beanie or a hoodie. With a looser fit, it can be tied into a knot in the front to add shape, and paired with high waisted or ripped jeans, and boots.

For many men, like my partner, T-shirts are the ultimate accessory. THTC designs add more sophistication than the typical graphic tee with their politically driven, or environmentally advocative designs. They can also be conversation starters. 

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Another THTC favourite @maumauart design is now back. ‘Bollocks To the Empire’ is available on preorder (dispatched week beginning 2nd December). Available on our world famous hemp t-shirts, as well as a limited edition organic cotton sweater. We’ve always loved this one. Modelled here by THTC family @si_phili, @beatfoxuk, @staminamc and @joe_publik_uk #hemp #hempclothing #princeandrew #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #thtc #thtcclothing #jedi #darthvader #vader #whomademyclothes #ethicalconsumer

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One of my favorite things about these shirts are the designs. They’re eye-catching, artful and pensive. But what I love most about these tee’s is how they feel. They are insanely comfortable, and only seem to get softer with each wash. The shirts hold their shape, fit and length when washed too.

Lots of designers offer hemp fashions, but many styles are basic, and expensive. For example, a plain white tee or a solid colored shirt made with hemp can cost anywhere from $30 to more than $150. THTC products are entirely affordable; each of our shirts are £25-£27, or $27-$29). 

There are many reasons to wear hemp. But THTC’s price points and philanthropic efforts make this brand stand out. Plus, anyone in the family can wear a THTC design; you don’t have to be a cannabis user, or advocate to rock hempwear! 

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