For you

For You

A poem by Joesph Walter

The beauty of today
Is not in the suns rays
Or the drops of rain
Not falling from the sky
Then why may you ask
To me you see
I can now finally see
The thoughts I’ve had
Converted to ink on paper
For no one else to read
Has changed slightly
Submitted to the Emerald
For all of Humboldt
To read and see
Things that are
Caught through a lens
To hold back
My excitement
Is hard to pretend
Not to like it
Even though
Never done before
Now my life
On the North Coast
Trying things
Not yet done before
Are things i want
To do the most
Having changed my life
As i see fit
Trying to better it
To keep moving forward
One day at a time
Hoping somebody
Likes my rhyme
Writing them down
One word at a time
Because they wont stop
Forming in my mind
So now I write
Them down for you
To read and enjoy
I hope you like them
I do indeed
Writing them to
Share with you
Is something new
I like to do

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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