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Cannabis to Become the “Rock Star” Ingredient in Fashion and Beauty

In the past couple of years, weed has infiltrated almost every business sector imaginable: from wellness to beauty, fashion to [...]

Many Former Disney Channel Stars Love Cannabis

If we were to come up with one unifying thread for former Disney stars, it would be cannabis. Most of [...]

NJ Plans For Massive Expansion Of Medicinal Cannabis Program

Gov. Phil Murphy continues his fight towards cannabis normalization, upping medical dispensaries by 108.

Cannabis Is Way More Popular Than You’d Think

Cannabis has been taking the world by storm–so much so that, chances are, your parents smoke it. A poll published [...]

Illinois Cancer Patient Sentenced To Four Years For Cannabis-Related Crime Just Days After State Legalization

Just days after Illinois passed a bill to legalize recreational cannabis, a resident of Montgomery has been sentenced to four [...]

Use These Accessories To Upgrade Your Vape

Vape lovers have to contend with the elements a bit less than other cannabis users, and although many products come [...]

Barcelona’s Weed Scene: Choko club is the “IT” spot.

Technically, as in most places in Europe, cannabis isn’t legal in Spain. However, that doesn’t mean one can’t purchase it [...]

CannaCloset: 5 Moments when Fashion and Cannabis Collided

Cannabis is becoming fashion’s IT girl. From red carpets to concert arenas, celebrities are sporting the cannabis leaf on all [...]

Traveling High: How to Keep It Going

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