The Baja Beach and The Hemp Hotel

The Baja Beach and The Hemp Hotel
By Mike Marino
Grab your sombrero, and full tilt boogie South of the Border to the Hemp Hotel in La Paz, Mexico where you can relax in green leafy comfort on the white sandy Baja beach. Discover Baja, and you’ll discover a resort overflowing with karma of King Kong proportions that will appeal to the gentle dharma bum that dwells in all of us. It’s a hemp hipsters dream come true, and it’s about time! More importantly, it’s all about hemp.

This is one the worlds first true hemp hotels where cocooning yourself in soft hempen clouds of luxury with a touch of class and style is a selfish pleasure to be enjoyed. The Hemp Hotel is the first of many slated to open world wide. It’s a garden of hempen Eden that offers everything from hemp haute cuisine, to a relaxing damn near Zen-like experience with deep muscle hemp oil body massages at the hands of a trained professional. It’s a pleasurable place of peace, solitude, and serenity, where you can immerse yourself in relaxation, aroma therapy, and meditation. Even a haiku hobo or bhikku has to feed the body as well as the inner-self, so you can get a dose of gastronomical religion by sampling from a menu of fine hempen food cuisine along with a long list of libations designed to liberate the spirit with a choice of hemp brews and wines that will orbit perfectly in the sum total solar system that will define this as-close-as-you’ll-come to a true cosmic dining experience.

Outdoor activities take full advantage of the Gulf of California, from sport fishing, snorkeling, and kayaking, to whale and dolphin watching, wind surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. Lace up your L.L.Bean boots and hit the hiking trails, but, biking is also available for you to explore the region on pure fuel injected pedal power. If you’re one of those “underground type persons” you can get a spunky spelunk fix by exploring caves, of which there are many. In time you’ll think the ghost spirit of Jules Verne has taken over, leading you on a real life journey to the center of the earth.

Meals at the hotel are a hemp experience as well. What wine goes with a hemp meal? A hemp wine of course, and they will be happy to uncork them, or offer you a choice from a large selection of hemp beers for the Baja brewski crowd. After a day of outdoor activity, a relaxing hemp meal and dessert, it’s time to unwind and relax with a restful sleep in a bed that is adorned with clouds of hemp sheets to comfort and relax. There is also aroma therapy and meditation available.

The Hemp Hotel is a wonderful, and a new experience for many, but how did they get started? What is the Hempen Future of these Hotels of comfort and luxury? I recently spoke with Matthew Huijgen, Pres./CEO HempWorld, Inc.of the Hemp Hotel chain to find out more about this hemp lovers paradise.

Q: How did the concept of the Hemp Hotel come about and when?
A: I was approached by Richard Cowan (former president of NORML) in Amsterdam around 1994 and he floated the idea.

Q: How many locations do you currently have and how many are projected to open and where?
A: We are currently only in La Paz , Mexico but we have plan for more locations depending on our initial success. Ideally we would have locations around the world so guests can travel from one of our hemp hotels to the next without losing a buzz. About 12 years ago, I was part of a group of individuals starting a real hemp hotel, built from hemp near Berlin , Germany . Unfortunately the project was so debt laden that it never opened its doors.

Q: When opening the Hemp Hotel is there any negative aspects from local government?
A: No, we are a legal business and have no illegal activities taking place, we do not constitute a negative influence locally but we are enhancing tourism and stimulate the local economy with our guests shopping and dining and drinking locally.

Q: What are the benefits to having a hemp oil massage? Massage itself is pretty cool.
A: Hemp oil is the best oil to use on the human skin, it is more readily absorbed than any other oil known to man. This was proven in scientific tests. Hemp oil has a fatty acid profile that is similar to the profile in our own bodies. Since other hotels offer beautification services we thought a hemp oil massage would make sense.

Q: You also have a restaurant with “hempen cuisine” so what types of featured items are there?
A: With hemp you can cook almost any meal; Hemp meatloaf, with hemp flour we can bake bread, pancakes and cookies. There is hemp coffee and hemp tea with hemp milk and hemp ice cream. The sky is the limit with hemp, the number of meals than can be cooked with hemp ingredients is endless. Here is another example of a menu that we can feature: Hemp Miso Soup with Shrimp Dumplings. Smoked Trout and Cucumber tossed in Hemp Garlic Chile Oil. Watercress, Fresh Sprouts and Red Onions with a Hemp Citrus Vinaigrette. Grilled Seitan Sweet Potato Napoleon with Bok Choy in Hemp Beet Oil Balsamic Reduction. Hemp nut Veggie Burger. Hemp nut Crusted Black Rice Cakes. Orange Hemp Seed Tuilles with Hemp Vanilla Ice Cream & Fresh Berries. Hemp Coffee with Hemp Liqueur for dessert. Etc. etc.

Q: What is the most popular Hemp Dinner Item, and what is the favorite Hemp Dessert?
A: Hemp Dinner; Hemp Meatloaf (vegetarian). Hemp ice cream with hemp coffee and hemp liqueur.

Q: How many different hemp beers and wines do you offer?
A: Several Hemp Beers; Burke’s Hemp Ale (from Australia ), Cannabia Hemp Beer (from Germany ), Hanfblute (from Switzerland), Greenleaf Hemp Lager, Humboldt Hemp Ale.

Q: Is the building material itself for the hotel made of hemp products?
A: We have outfitted the hotel with as many hemp products as we have available and that we can afford; Hemp Sheets, Hemp Towels and Bath Robes, Hemp Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner, Hemp Food, see above. The hotel in Germany that I was involved in was constructed with hemp building materials but the hotel in Mexico is not a new building but an existing hotel fitted with hemp products.

Q: Hemp is a very ecological and sustainable product, how important was this aspect in the formulation of plans to go “hemp?”
A: This is No. 1. The Hemp Hotel concept is a ‘living’ or contemporaneous Hemp Museum. It is an up to date showcase of how you can incorporate hemp into your life or hotel stay. Using hemp we have the most sustainable and ecological products and applications anywhere in the industry.

Q: Are you constantly on the look out for new hemp products to introduce at the hotel?
A: Yes, absolutely, this is one of the exciting parts of our business.
Q: There are franchising opportunities available too. What markets are currently open?
A: We would like to make franchise opportunities available to entrepreneurs who want to open up a Hemp Hotel in their city or neighborhood anywhere in the world. Please feel free to contact me;

If you’re looking for a truly unique vacation experience, you’ll find it at the Hemp Hotel. Disneyland may be the hap, hap, happiest place on earth, but this is the hemp, hemp, hempiest hotel on earth and you owe it to yourself to immerse yourself in this flower of a garden that will calm the soul and titillate the senses at the same time. Don’t fight it..enjoy it!

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