The Green Lifestyle

The Green Lifestyle
More than just Cannabis

Ashley Priest

Those throughout the cannabis industry are going green in many ways.
From natural health alternatives to protecting the environment by favoring renewable energy resources, those in the community advocate for a completely green lifestyle. Here are three ways in which those in cannabis support a greener style for all.

Essential Oils and Natural Health  Alternatives

Cannabis isn’t the only plant that is offering natural healing these days. Many individuals who support cannabis have also implemented other natural health alternatives into their daily life. Many plants offer medicinal benefits, and one of the most significant ways in which consumers are benefiting from them is through essential oils. Pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, such as the ones offered by doTerra, are changing lives and are a valuable green tool for those who still live in states with draconian cannabis laws.

Many of the plants found in nature offer some form of therapeutic benefits and compounds that are also found in cannabis, such as terpenes. Terpenes, such as a-pinene (found in pine trees), linalool (found in lavender, petitgrain and bergamot), beta-caryophyllene (found in black pepper) and myrcene (found in mangoes) are also abundant in cannabis and contribute to its medicinal properties. These plants often include the terpene profiles, very similar to the essential oils produced by cannabis in full-spectrum extractions.

Solar- and Water- Powered Energy Alternatives

It is undeniable that fossil fuels are harming our environment. Those in the cannabis community who participate in a green lifestyle are typically compassionate about others and pay respect to mother earth. For this reason, many cannabis consumers are strong advocates for renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources, ones that can continue to grow for generations, without the fear of adverse effects on the environment.

Recycling and Environmentally Friendly Packaging Options

The environment is important to many in this emerging industry. Unfortunately, cannabis companies who adibe by state laws are forced to use multiple layers of sealed, child-proof plastic and cardboard packaging for the products they carry. This is obviously not good for the environment.  There will be an increasing the number of non-biodegradable plastics that will sit in landfills for decades, or make their way to the ocean.   

Many within the cannabis industry are starting to pay close attention to the waste, and are advocating for change.  As you can read on page 27 and 43 in this months issue, there is an exceptional amount of plastic in the ocean. Luckily, there are cannabis companies already helping to make change by utilizing reclaimed plastics from the ocean to create environmentally friendly packaging for the cannabis industry. ■

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